CHANGE OF DATE - Site update - site will be down for some of Saturday 23rd March

I need to upgrade both the server software for our web server, and the Vanilla software (the forum bit.)

In a perfect world, this would all get sorted in around an hour, but, you know...

I'll be working on it from around 10.00 am UK time.

It might be worth taking a note of this address: which is where I can post any updates while the site is down.


  • Aah, trying to get your twitter followers up are you Grey? ;lol
  • Herb


    There's already more than I know what to do with!
  • Grey thanks for your continued efforts to keep this little corner of the internet Westhammie... ;ok
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, things have not gone quite as smoothly as it might have been hoped, so I will probably not be ready to do the change over until Saturday.

    I don't want to go live with the changes until I've managed to get some people to test them, and that probably won't be before Thursday.

    Good news, though, as the smileys will still work as usual.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, things have not gone quite as smoothly as it might have been hoped

    Bit like Brexit then ;whistle

    What time would you be looking at for the downtime?
  • Munich

    A week ago I'd have said an hour or two, and that should still be the case.

    At the moment, every time I finally get something working, it turns out that somehow banjaxes another bit, so it may be that Satruday is a moveable feast as well...

  • Ask for an extension on Saturday if you can just to be safe lol
  • #updatemeansupdate
  • Grey is encountering, what I like to call, technological whack a mole

    Good luck sir ;ok

    (we’ll all be patient and if the site goes down, so be it) means I’ll actually start doing stuff though
  • Lukerz said:

    means I’ll actually start doing stuff though

  • Can we have a live stream. ;whistle
  • Herb, here you go.
    Actually, he's much younger than I thought, unless it's the effects of the Mediterranean diet.

  • Apologies for the short outage this morning.

    I made a snapshot, so nothing could go wrong, and something went wrong...
  • Probably down to Brexit if you ask me

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