Man City vs West Ham(A) Wed 27th February 8pm

After a few ;beer I’m going 1 - 2 to the mighty Hammers!
What are your thoughts and predictions?
PS i would happily settle for a 2 - 2 draw ;lol


  • Wish this wasn't a thing. I really don't want Liverpool to win the league ;weep
  • Dare to dream and hope for a stream ;pray
  • I would settle for scoring at least one goal, and keeping the GD down to a respectable 2. ;pray
  • Given the situation at the top and my loathing of Liverpool, this is a game where for me there's a plus side to losing.

    A win would be great, don't get me wrong, but with so little chance of that happening that I'm not even entertaining it.

    4-0 seems about average for our games against City, so I'll go with that.
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    It’s an odd one for sure. I like City and couldn’t cope with Liverpool winning the league. On the flip side I obviously would love for us to show what we can do with Lanzini back and win at City. Just don’t be a draw.
  • Personally I don’t have a problem with Liverpool at all, and would like someone different to win the league.
  • I really don’t care enough about either Liverpool or City for it to affect how I see this game, or how I’ll feel when we (inevitably) lose.

    Get this out the way and then focus on March, where we have a set of very winnable fixtures and we can really push for 7th.

    Hopefully Lanzini and Nasri get some minutes to get them fitter.

    Otherwise, damage control.
  • I’d be shocked if Hernandez starts this game. It has to be Arnie up front.
  • Adam

    Totally agree.

    Hernandez simply isn't cut out for being the striker in a top 3 where the other two are essentially wingers, and going 4-4-2 to keep him in would be football suicide.

    I'm looking forward to the game.

    It's likely we'll get beat, but with Pelle, at least we won't go out there and cower, trying not to get beat too bad.

  • I think this is the perfect time to play them (in terms of avoiding a complete battering). Whilst Pep will have this down as a must win with their title push, so they will be fully focused, it is bound to have an impact the win yesterday & the evening celebrations, even if they are back on the training pitch today, there is naturally going to be a hangover, if only light.

    Although I expect them to win, it may be more like a 2-0/3-1 than a 5-0. Obviously assuming we actually turn up & make it a game with some good defending & 100% effort. The players will give it the old ‘nothing to lose’, but after 3 good results, we need to be doing everything to keep that GD respectable & make it as tight a game as possible.
  • Do I actually have to wait and suffer until Wednesday night for this? Could we not just play the game tonight, get it over and done with and then I can get on with the rest of my life.
  • Fredericks in for Zabaleta, Arnautovic in for Hernandez. Otherwise same team as Fulham and fingers crossed they're tired out from the League Cup final.

    The Scousers down the pub were chanting "we are top of the League" after drawing 0-0 with Man U. Lord knows what they'll be like if they actually win the thing.
  • I think you may have to wait a while for that ASLEF.
  • Not a bad time to play them with Fernandinho and Laportre both out with injuries

    But if I'm honest I wouldn't be Russel did we drop points as long as we don't emvaress ourselves

    Would prefer city to win the league than Liverpool, just coz wed never hear the end of it
  • Hope we smash them. Because Watford will do over Liverpool anyway. ;pray
  • WHU Champo -

    "But if I'm honest I wouldn't be Russel did we drop points as long as we don't emvaress ourselves"

    So who would you be if not Russel? ;lol
  • WHU Champo

    Is that rhyming slang or something, I can't work it out. ;hmm
  • I'm backing Man U to win the title just for the giggle factor.

    Imagine the look on Mourinho's face...

    Also its 250/1.
  • He'd take the credit for it ;hmm
  • Merse has gone 3-0 and Lawro 3-1.
  • Keep it with in two and get out of there....

    A game where I truly admire the away fans....
  • In the last 4 times we've gone to the Etihad, we've lost 2, drawn 1 and won 1. 4 points, not shabby. The clubs & their supporters have loads of respect for each other. So, to conclude (as Lawro would) its Man City to win. 4-2 and a good game to watch.
    Oh, and I hope Decca doesn't have TOO good a game. I don't want them buying him in the summer....
  • Maybe we should drop Rice for Oxford and try to convince City that they should be spending £50mil on the wrong CDM
  • We are 18-1. That's a bit rude!
  • Worth a tenner.

    We were 8-1 when we played them at home.

    £20 was duly lost.
  • 15/2 for a draw. That will do nicely.
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    Some people on KUMB have said their are rumours of a few players being rested tonight for the Newcastle game such as Anderson and Rice with Obiang and Diangana set to come in. ;hmm
  • Yeold

    Don't know about 'rumours', think the boss was giving out that message in his presser:

    “We have two games in less than 72 hours so I think it would be intelligent to have a good starting XI in both games,” the manager confirmed. “I am not worried about [the effect of playing at home to Fulham last] Friday to Wednesday – but Wednesday to Saturday yes.

    “We will see [if I make any changes against City]. I have not decided yet. We will see who recovers the best. I will also talk with the medical staff. We will decide the starting XI [on Tuesday].”

    “[With] Felipe I think we have a replacement for him,” he continued. “He's a very important player but we have Diangana, you can work with [Michail] Antonio or [Robert] Snodgrass [in his position].
  • According to the City website Fernandinho, Laporte, Stones, Delph and Jesus are all injured.

    City have only played two Premier League games without Fernandinho, they lost both, 2-3 at home to Palace and 2-1 away at Leicester.

    No Laporte probably means Kompany will partner Otamendi at CB. The alternatives are Mangala who hasn't played a minute this season or 22yo Philippe Sandler who has only played in Cup games against lower division sides.

    City look a bit dodgy through the middle.

    1-1 or 2-2?
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