And Sanchez makes 10

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  • Club Twitter have announced Sanchez
  • Just in time.

    The window has shut.
  • thought he might go to St Helens
  • Bit of a 'meh' signing, but welcome Carlos ;clap
  • Just in time.

    The window has shut.

    But the paperwork can still go through for (I think) another hour, for deals done before the shutting.
  • Carlos Sanchez......
    Welcome...... My thoughts on u b4 were not good..... So pls prove me wrong...
    Otherwise don't think we can moan whatsoever.......
    Fair play to owners for splashing the cash.
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    im not convinced with Sanchez but give the manager the benefit mean as he knows more than me lol
  • Yes, compared to our other signings, pretty underwhelming. However, more than happy to see him get the chance to do well. They must see something in him that made him a viable transfer. If not as if we did the business out of desperation...

  • Husillos clearly thinks highly of him:
    He has great quality as a holding midfielder. He can also cover other positions but it is as a defensive midfielder that he really excels. He is also a fantastic professional, with great character, who will be a very good personality within the dressing room.

    “I have known the Colombia national team coach, Jose Pekerman, for many, many years, and he has always spoken very highly of Carlos.

    He effectively replaces Kouyate, and whatever else we might have thought of Cheiko, he wasn't one of them.
  • Some bloke from 'Blowing Bubbles' on the BBC saying this has taken the gloss off our transfer dealings.


    £100m spent, quality brought in all over the pitch, and signing Sanchez has tainted that?

    Can't see it myself.
  • Ther is always one ;lol
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    There is always going to be one who moans
  • I’d say for once well done the board ;bowdown
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    Welcome to the West Ham Family, Carlos
  • Is Sanchez better than Kouyate? ;hmm
  • Lets hope he proves us wrong

    Welcome to the club
  • Perhaps we should write to him and ask him to revoke his allegiance to West Ham if he's feeling that tainted. I'm sure Spurs have plenty of tainted fans he could join!

    I can't believe we didn't get Kante or Jorginho for him ;doh

  • Well the saying goes don’t buy a player off the back of a good World Cup. However, I’m not sure that’s supposed to mean the reverse is true and one should go ahead and buy someone who has had a shocking World Cup!!

    Nonetheless, as champo says, hope he proves the doubters wrong.

    Unreal window from the daves and everyone else involved
  • Its worth remembering that he had Sherwood as manager while at Villa...

    I think Kante may have struggled....
  • Exeter

    Time will tell.

    If we're being honest, it's been a couple of seasons since Kouyate was really any good, certainly consistently.

    Seems like they play different positions (holding, compared to box to box), so at the very least we got a specialist player in a position a number of fans wanted filled.

    So you could argue, we've lost a Kouyate and gained a Wilshere and a Sanchez.

    Hard not to think we're ahead on that deal.
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    deehammer said:

    There is always going to be one who moans

    Best make that two then. ;wink

    I have the same feeling as when I was a child on Christmas Day. You have opened all but one of your presents and you get to the last one, and when you discover what it is, you think to yourself is that it! SO many more better options we could have signed, a loan would have been bad enough, but a two year contract! I expect to either get castigated or get the silent treatment but I am very underwhelmed and disappointed.
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    West Ham transfer window = a good dinner.

    Get the main courses out of the way. A nice pudding )perez) to finish. Have a bit of a rest, then, sit back with a brandy and fill in the corners with a few nibbles. (Sanchez)
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    For me, there is a big difference between saying one player doesn't float your boat, and saying that signing that player takes away from the other transfer work we've done.

    I can understand the first response; I can't understand the second.

    Separately, I prefer to save my disappointment until after I've seen them in the shirt.
  • Underrated player. I am very happy with this signing
  • grey,

    To clarify I expect to be criticised for saying the last signing has put a bit of a kink in an otherwise exceptional window based on how many people agreed with your post @ 5.19. I am in a very small minority on here but know elsewhere other fans are disappointed we couldn't have signed one of the bigger talents we were linked with. ;ok
  • Problem is there have been so many moves this window but reality of it is there are so many players you can get in one window

    Meyer and Bernard are 2 exciting freebies....but dont forget Everton and palace likely thought the same as Wilshere and to a lessar extent fredericks who could be a great bit of business

    Did I ever think we were gonna get maxi Gomez, no. Do i mind, no.

    Cant let a couple deals (or 1 deal) ruin a window.

    Sanchez is underwhelming imo, but hes here for the single purpose of filling in and we can see that given how late this deal has come about
  • WHU_C_l_7_y,

    Agree, but doesn't that beg the question if we have been lacking a quality Defensive Midfielder for the past few seasons why seemingly leave it until late in the window to secure a vital component for the team?
  • I do hope Sanchez does well, and I am delighted overall with this transfer window. I just have a bit of a soft spot for Kouyate and think his time wasn't done with us.
  • Sorry Exeter but Koyoute has underwhelmed me for a couple of seasons now and I think it was in his best interests to move on, I sooooooo wanted him to recapture some of that drive he had but frankly it was not there.

    However, like you I am delighted with this transfer window and am really looking forward to the new season,

    It is somewhat of a strange feeling ;wink
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