Moderation in all things... (please read when you have a mo.)

Just want to clarify some issues to do with moderation.

The site has few, but clear rules about behaviour, and thankfully, for the most part, users accept this, and self-moderate.

The essence of the site's ethos can be summed up in the terms of service:
  • I declare that I am more or less a grown up, and am able to play nicely with a variety of different types of people.
  • I agree that I won't deliberately set out to upset anyone, and that if I do, it would be reasonable to offer an apology.
  • I understand that this forum has a strict no swearing policy (including masked or disguised swearing), which includes even mild words that the pope probably wouldn't be offended by.
  • I understand that this forum is made up of people from a wide mix of cultures/attitudes/beliefs, and will not post anything that might be seen to be offensive (e.g. racist/sexist/homophobic stuff.)
Some rules have developed as corollaries of these:

i.e not making personal comments, not using doh, or made me laugh to indicate disagreement with a post.

We have 6 moderators (if I've counted right), any of whom might be the ones to moderate a post if it is necessary. In practice MrsGrey and myself tend to do most of what moderation is needed, as we have more free time, and so are around more.

Posts are moderated on the basis of whether they are perceived to break the site rules, NOT on whether they have, or might actually, offend anyone (and certainly NOT on the basis of who is doing the posting.

Unlike the old BBC 606, and many other forums, this forum is moderated actively rather than reactively which is to say, if a moderator thinks something breaks site rules, it goes, rather than waiting for someone to flag a post.

Sometimes, a moderation depends on a judgement call. Where practical, in those circumstances, we try to get a consensus from those mods around at the time.

In most cases, where a post is moderated, we try to make sure a PM is sent to explain the reasoning.

If the modded thinks the modee has got it wrong, they are then able to politely explain.

The point of the rules (which have evolved by consensus of users) is to try to ensure that this is, as far as possible, a kind and respectful place for users to come and have their say.

If you think a post breaks site rules, or is inappropriate, you can use the flag option to bring it to the attention of the mods.

So, please, first, try to abide by the site rules (even where you may think they are burdensome) and second, if you do get moderated, please, don't take it personally, and don't think it gives you the right to have a pop at whoever moderated you.


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    I've been modded a few times -sometimes I deserved it, sometimes I didn't think I deserved it, but I was always informed clearly and with respect what action was taken, and why. It's really hard to take offence at the mods on here. On behalf of all the swearers, I'll say thanks, and keep up the good work!
  • I love this site and like all opinions even if I don’t agree sometimes because it shows people on here care about our club, I would like to think that the person I am would never deliberately post on here anything to offend, I might question there posts but would respect there views because despite what my partner says I’m not always right, but nice of her to say so lol, so I’d say to all keep posting because the mods are watching you lol
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