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Hi my first post so go easy!

I often defend the owners and I know Rome wasn’t built in a day however I feel compared to prem rivals we really should be putting a lot more into own training ground.
Year to date we have invested just shy of 5 mil feel free to look it up in comparison this is very very poor to other clubs
When your looking after multi million pound investments surely we must have the best there is
Would it come into a players thinking when looking to sign for the club as it’s going to be his workplace everyday and also why couldn’t it of been named after a hammers legend.


  • What about the Kieron dyer school of excellence ;whistle
  • Or the Andy Carroll fitness centre
  • Or the Quashie promotion school.
  • Or Midos school of culinary excellence ;wink

    Welcome macca ;ok
  • Or the Lou macari school of honesty
  • The Boogers run away from school (or Beauchamp)
  • Welcoming players into the new Benny MCcarthey canteen. ;whistle
  • a lot of our rivals have all their teams at one training ground we only have the first team we still have Chadwell Heath and Little Heath training grounds. Its hard to know if Rush Green is below par as I don't know what its like inside it could all be state of the art and I imagine if Sam was involved it would have lots of the latest Sports Science stuff in it or it could just be a hall with some skipping ropes ;whistle
  • Oh well if you can’t beat them join them

    The Matthew upson school of bravery lol
  • Been in there when it Ford’s social club,, ,, may be that’s why our fitness, planing, gamesmanship, rest and recuperation, was such a shambles till doc Moyes stepped in.
  • Played there when I used to play for Fords in the Business Houses league. The pitches are superb. As you can imagine with Fords owning it at the time, no expense was spared - full time groundsmen, the lot. they used to dig up the main pitch every couple of years and relay it. I dont know about the current facilities, just that there are some portakabins there for temp classrooms for the academy kids. I dont think we spent an awful amount of money on new infrastructure did we ??
  • Our company delivers to both the training grounds. The pitches are top notch, although the building seems a little small.
  • Just had a good look at some of the pictures and plans for the training ground. They have utilised a lot of the space from the old Sports and Social club by the looks of it. The Gym is where the big function room used to be etc. The stands alongside the main pitch are still the ones when I used to play there, and Romford FC used the facilities. There are a couple of new bits that I dont recognise. I honestly thought that it was a new build. They have knocked down the old cricket pavilion where there used to be a great bar that basically never shut, for all the Ford boys who were on different shifts to use. I spent many happy summer saturday nights there in the 70's and 80's ;cider
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    Macca, I don't think Rush Green looks too shabby. Definitely an improvement on Chadwell Heath at the very least.
    Apologies to any residents of those areas, I am of course referring to West Ham's training grounds. ;biggrin
  • A 5 million pound trading ground in the prem is very poor imo
  • Macca ;ok Doesn't seem a lot considering how big a part fitness and sports science plays in the game today.
  • I think an article says we spending £12 mil on it in total and we three training grounds chadwell Heath and little Heath if they were all on site it would look more impressive
  • Yea a lot if the higger teams seem ti have all their squad training in the same area

    Perhaps this is why ours seems quite small in comparison

    Ita no small (or quick) investment though to build/expand an area to the sizes of the training area to match the biggerr teams so dont expect to see too many changes
  • I think it something else that’s been done on a shoe string
  • Doesn't look too shoe-string to me, but perhaps you have more expensive shoes? ;biggrin

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    Macca85 said:

    Year to date we have invested just shy of 5 mil feel free to look it up in comparison this is very very poor to other clubs

    Two questions, if I may - can you tell me where you found the figure of £5m (as I would like to look it up :) and when you say 'year-to-date' is that financial year, the football season, or the calendar year? (OK, if you answer part A I can probably find out the period myself).

    Also, have you any info on how much other clubs have invested for the same period, that leads you to your conclusion that our investment is 'very very poor' compared to them?

    I ask because obviously, from the links provided by PLF, the initial ££m investment to upgrade the pitches and turn it into the 1st team training base was done in the summer of 2016.

    Also, if you are wanting to do a meaningful comparison with other clubs (to see if our investment in training facilities is poor - sorry, very very poor - compared to theirs) you should really find out what investment is done at the other training facilities too, since we have a split site and many (?most) of the other clubs have all their training stuff at a single site.

    Finally, if you do want to compare in a meaningful way I don't think a snapshot over a short space of time will lead to a sound conclusion.

  • (Cost to refurb/lash up was nearer £4m)


    You get what you pay for and reap what you sow
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    So, take your pick of the £3m, £4m £5m that have been posted or any other number that may crop up later ....

    If you want to compare how much the two clubs spent on their facilities, you will need to get the full picture. Refurb + initial building costs + land purchase costs. If the £7m includes all of those as a one-off project cost, then you have to compare like with like.

    Obvs a refurb is going to cost less than a newbuild. Because ... one is a refurb/expansion/relay of pitches of an existing faclity and one is a newbuild. Apples and pears.

    Which L1 club is that... and what do their facilities consist of? How does it compare overall with WHU (apart from perhaps being built on a nicer road).
  • Think the point is Mrs G, just like yesterday a league one club is putting more into it.....

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    .... how much did they put in in the year to date? We've put in £5m (according to Macca's figures that he looked up ;wink ). So maybe we are the ones putting more into it. ;hmm

    I'm interested in having an informed discussion about it, but as yet there is precious little relevant information on which to base such a discussion. (See my previous post about what I would like to know before a meaningful assessment of the relative spends of each club can be made).

    Until then, I guess people will just have to carry on cherry-picking.
  • League 1 side is spending more on its up to date training facilities, than we are

    May not make a difference, may not make a jot or difference, who knows.

  • League 1 side is spending more on its up to date training facilities, than we are

  • Sorry not even going to go there....

    Just don’t believe it, that’s fine by me

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