European Games, Cl and EL 17th 18th and 19th October

How will Spurs get on .. they've decided to go for an unfamiliar 4-4-2 with a midfield diamond, to match Real Madrid. But can the players adapt to this unfamiliar shape?

(Edit: Glen Twaddle saying they might not play a diamond.)

(Edit. Glen Twaddle saying anything ;weep )


  • Anybody watching this? Or opting for the City game, maybe?
  • I've got two screens going, couldn't decide...
  • City and spurs winning....
  • Not now. ;biggrin
  • Fair play to spurs, very good performance with a few key players missing..
  • I would like to propose a site rule that bans any positive Spurs comments ;whistle

    (unless any of their players do well for me in the fantasypremierleague game - Even then I'll conveniently ignore any thoughts of praise and merely expect them to score some points for me )
  • edited October 2017
    Baz - ;wave

    I have bit my tongue for a while with Spurs, but they are an impressive really well coached team at the moment.

    Maybe I will praise Pochettino in the future and not mention the S word... My hope is that he will be snatched up soon and Spurs can return to normal...
  • The best thing I can say about Spurs is that they arent Man Utd ;hmm
  • Spurs are a good team to watch, and are doing it all with some young, English players. The way they go about things is great, and admirable. But also I love it when they lose
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