Other games - 30th Sep - 2nd Oct

Spurs looking ominously good again. 2-0 up on Huddersfield already.

I really don't like them, but I can't help but admire their football.


  • And Kane gets his 2nd with a great goal & 3rd Spurs goal...
    Sad to say, he's one of their own & well impressive
  • Huddersfield Plan A was to go for it. Always flawed.
  • At least we aren't the only ones who let in 3 away to Tottenham

    Have to admit like you OCS that it's hard not to admire them despite the hatred of them
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    Its a bit easier when you have Kane as your FF captain and have slid Trippier + Davies into your team just in time ;whistle

    #blind squirrel
  • The way that Kane, who I understand is naturally right footed, struck his second goal with his left, was really impressive
  • So alli can teach Tom Daley a few things - that was a disgusting cheating dive
  • Total slime ball. Did the same against us but the boy ref gave him a free kick that lead to their 3rd. ;angry
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    Should have been a pen when the dodgy keeper tripped Erikson imo
  • Mrs G, it shouldn't have, this is the spuds we're talking about here ;whistle
  • Bazshuayi said:

    Its a bit easier when you have Kane as your FF captain and have slid Trippier + Davies into your team just in time ;whistle

    #blind squirrel

    Shoulda captained Davies ;wink
  • Just pleased I did something right! Those 3 players (and the expected bonus points from Kane and Davies) on their own have scored more than my whole team did in GW3 and GW4! ;wahoo ;barrera ;poormf
  • Palace already one down and Roy Hodgson looks very forlorn indeed - could be a long afternoon for them
  • P7 W0 D0 L7 F0 A17 Pts0

    As bad as we've been, at least we're not Palace.
  • Everton 0-1 Burnley keeps us 15th.
  • A minutes applause at St James's Park for the passing of Freddie Shepherd.

    I'm don't like that a minutes silence has been replaced by clapping.
  • I think that he is my friend's cousin.
  • Suze, when I pop my clogs, there'll be a few quid behind the bar to celebrate my passing.
    Thinking about it, for some reason, that doesn't sound quite right ;biggrin
  • Suze, he was the one who was caught in a News of the World sting ridiculing Newcastle fans. I'm not sure they thought a minutes silence would have been respected. (he turned out not to be my friends cousin... that was who he was caught with in the Fake Sheikh tape ;doh
  • I do remember that about Shepherd and maybe that was part of the reason why they decided on a minutes clapping.

    Personally I don't like it.
  • Does it seem like there is a move towards making only the Remembrance Day (or month, as it seems to be nowadays ;angry) a silent thing?
  • Oh no be because they do silence for victims of terrorism don't they? Ignore me I'm just thinking aloud.
  • I would think that applauding the victims of a terrorist attack would send out the wrong message. We know the terrorists hear what they want to hear and I would expect a minute of applause to be interpreted as well done, go kill some more.
    A minute's silence is much more sombre in this case and sends out an unambiguous message.
  • Clapping to celebrate a life lived.

    Silence to commemorate / remember the fallen.
  • So that's how the Icelandic chant started...
  • Seems fair enough, suz ;ok
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