The Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2017/18 - sackings etc at other clubs - Zidane going/gone



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    Palace are now looking to appoint their seventh permanent manager in six years.
    From the Beeb
  • Such a shambles. I make that 10/11 managerial appointments in 7 years at selhurst park; shear madness on and off the pitch and begs the questions, why arent the people hiring getting the sack. Not everything is down to the manager but it always seems to be the only fix considered. Palaces recruitment and planning has been atrocious and leaves them in a precarious situation, take the game yesterday.....they dont have a second fit striker but they do have a £15 million pound left back on the bench and a £16 million CM there as well! P.S their upcoming fixtures are a disaster as well!
  • This also lays the groundwork for the Daves to sack Bilic if we lose tonight, IMO.
  • SSN reporting Hodgson to be named new manager...
    But to only give a new manager 4 games is an admission of error from Parrish ....
    Must have been lots going on behind scenes for this to happen..IMO
  • Jay, considering their next 4 games are Southampton, Man United, Man City and Chelsea, in 4 games time they may very well could be in an identical situation.....would they sack hodgeson? ;lol
  • Well who employed him? Perhaps he should get sacked.
  • This also lays the groundwork for the Daves to sack Bilic if we lose tonight, IMO.

    Since when have Sullivan and Gold been dependant upon Crystal Palace?
    If they get rid of Slav so be it but it won't be down to Palace's actions.
  • Nobody said they are dependent on Palace.

    But IMO Palace sacking De Boer after four games is more ridiculous than us sacking Bilic after two and a bit seasons, and it will take the edge off the stick they'd get for it now Palace have outed De Boer after just 77 days.
  • Must be expensive for them. He had a 3 year contract. They must be spending a lot on paying these managers off.

    Unless there was a 'return within 14 days for cancellation' type of deal (except 77 days in this case)?
  • So they wanted a rebranding of their playing style, brought in de Boer and end up with Hodgson?

    Talk about u-turn.
  • Hodgson ;lol
  • i for one like this decision because Hodgson will take them down and watching them yesterday i felt they where close to getting it right they completely played Burnley off the pitch especially second half it was unfortunate for them out of 22 shots on goal they couldn't find the net.
  • ;nonono I'm sorry Palace have done what now?!
  • Tbf Palace could've won 5-1 on another day.
  • Well they didn't on the previous 75 days either. ;biggrin
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    Ridiculous decision. Mainly because they had they won last night I am almost 100% certain they would not have sacked him. Yet they only lost due to one single awful mistake with a pass back that allowed one of Burnley's only two shots on target in the match. The other end they missed a couple of golden opportunities and were cleared off the line twice. This could easily have been a win for CP.

    How can an owner interview potential managers, carefully research, listen to the potential plan, eventually decide one is the right fit, then after only four games sack him?! Football, particularly the Premiership is becoming a disgrace with this IMO.
  • Lukerz said:

    Tbf Palace could've won 5-1 on another day.

    IronHerb said:

    Well they didn't on the previous 75 days either. ;biggrin

    When do they play us ;lol
  • End of October, so they should have found form by then
  • Quiz question of the future:

    In 2017-18, after a record run of defeats, against which team did Crystal Palace finally chalk up their first win of the season?

    We all know the answer... ;weep
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    Is it Spurs?

  • My Dutch friends told me he would be a useless manager in the PL...

    To sack him after 4 games, Parrish must also take a big chunk of blame.

    Looking at their next four games they could be totally cut lose at the bottom, they could be this years Sunderland...

    Feel sorry for the Eagle...
  • Delusions of grandeur - with all due respect, they may have acculmulated the most talented squad they have had in decades whom on Saturday showed they can really play well, but they are Crystal Palace.

    No one in this league should believe that just because they have improved their squad that they can assume the right to just turn up and beat anybody on the day and walk away with the points.

    They have totally lost the plot and now I hope they really do go down - will serve them right
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    Roy Hodgson appointed by Palace.


  • I predict there'll be an SOS for BFS, a bit like Red Adair, when Palace find themselves with 1 point after 8 games
  • I think Hodgson will (sadly) be a decent appointment for them and keep them up.
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