Using the 'MADE ME LAUGH' click button. (was For information: A couple of modding issues.)

A polite reminder from the moderators (alderz, expat, grey, lukerz, suz, wombat and me).

As you (hopefully) know, responding to someone's post with a ;lol smiley and no further comment is treated the same as if you said their post was laughable or ridiculous. It will be modded. (Unless the original post is very clearly a joke or otherwise meant to be humorous, perhaps indicated with a ;whistle or some other smiley to show the poster's intentions).

The problem that has been cropping up is that people can now use the new response buttons to - in effect - do the same thing by clicking the 'made me laugh' button. This is treated the same as if you just post a ;lol . From a modding point of view, though, these are easy to miss and difficult to fix.

So can we ask you to be aware of it, please, and not to do it. Thank you very much.

PS - also please note that the phrase 'do one' is treated as masked swearing, so can you use 'get lost' or some other toned-down phrase please.


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    Just to add, on the 'made me laugh' button issue...

    Everyone who has been picked up on it has been very co-operative, for which we are all very grateful.

    ('Click button' responses can only be changed by the original poster, not a moderator, or by grey actually logging on to the server and amending the database. Which is a palaver. So posters have been 'unclicking' it themselves and then adding a substantive comment/response instead.)
  • For clarity, what should I do to show that a funny post made me laugh (with, not at the poster), but I have nothing worth adding to the thread? This is a frequent internal dialogue I have with myself!
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    As mentioned above, if it is clear that the post is MEANT to be funny, a ;lol or 'made me laugh' is fine ;ok

    The issue is where someone is posting a serious comment and someone responds with a ;lol as a way of indicating a degree of disagreement with the expressed opinion.
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    A polite reminder.
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    A slightly less polite reminder. Mods are getting a bit fed up with this.

    I do appreciate there can be a 'fat thumbs' effect, so please be careful.
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