Paris-St Germain investigated by Uefa over financial fair play

Uefa has opened a formal investigation into Paris St-Germain as part of its "ongoing monitoring" of clubs under financial fair play (FFP) regulations.

It said the investigation will "focus on the compliance of the club with the break-even requirement, particularly in light of its recent transfer activity".

Well yes....


  • I should bloomin' hope so. Alongside the £200m fee for Neymar, they also brought in the left back Berchiche for around £15m, Dani Alves for supposedly free as his contract with Juve was nulled (questions whether a fee was paid to cause this), and of course this 'loan' for Mbappe. Why a team would loan their best player to their direct league competitors without fee seems very questionable. Apparently because they've guaranteed them circa £170m next year. Convenient.

    On the outgoings, Aurier (Spurs) £22.5m, Matuidi (Juventus) £18m, Augustin (RB Leipzig) £12m, Sabaly (Bordeaux) £3.5m.

    I sincerely hope that if they are found to be breaking rules they are punished accordingly. Not with fines, that would be ineffectual, but either points in the league, or even better banned from European competition for 'X' seasons. It's not right for clubs to believe they are too big to follow the rules.
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    I think the sanctions are specified, and depend on the extent of the breach. From wikipedia: The legislation currently allows for eight separate punishments to be taken against clubs transgressing the rules, based in order of severity: Reprimand / Warning, fines, points deduction, withholding of Revenue from a UEFA competition, Prohibition to register new players for UEFA competitions, Restrictions on how many players a club can register for UEFA competitions, Disqualification from a competition in progress and Exclusion from future competitions

    Last time, PSG breached FFP, they got a €60 million fine, €40 million suspended. Squad reduced to 21 players. Transfer spending restrictions and two-year squad salary restrictions

    I don't know if there is scope to ratchet up the sanctions for recidivist clubs.
  • That section about wages is insane
  • Thanks for that MrsG! If found guilty for a second time, merely three seasons since the last time, the punishment must be harsher, surely. Furthermore a differing of punishment, as obviously that previous one was ineffectual in convincing them. So not just a fine and/or restriction on squad number. The only thing I can think that would really hurt them would be exclusion from Champs League/Europa for a couple of seasons. I don't even think points deduction would punish them because I think they'll steam roll Ligue 1 again this season similar to 15/16 (won by 31 points!) now Monaco's team has been decimated.
  • Alderz that is ridiculous. Yet in another way really quite clever. I can't see what the football authorities can do to stop that? It's not illegal and if they just do one 'event' as a publicity for said company, and/or mention them in tweets/instagrams, and/or wear the company logo on shirts outside of football, how can we prove that prementioned payment isn't for that? However it is sickening as it just allows the clubs with excessive financial backing to surpass the rules and further improve themselves against the rest.
  • In that case we can easily get around FFP by giving players ambassadorial roles in Ann Summers and have them pay most of the wages.
  • It is reaching a case now that the crazy player prices will reach a ceiling through financial fair play as the fee and wages will not be able to be afforded and fall into the fair play rules by possibly any club in the world. If the rules are policed genuinely and penalties strong.

    On another point I am wondering if the old idea of a European super league is not such a bad idea. The gulf between the top 2 or 3 clubs in each of the big European leagues is just getting bigger and so perhaps let them play among themselves.

    I could imagine some newly competitive leagues across Europe if you took out Chealsea, Man U, Man C, Barca, Real, Psg, Bayern, Dortmund, Juventus and Milan and they would likely enjoy a bit more competition also.
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    Uefa do look at attempts to circumvent the rules. For example both Man City and PSG did some creative accounting with naming rights and sponsorship deals ( such as City's selling the naming rights for a massively inflated amount ) which they claimed were legit and appropriate amounts, but that Uefa rejected. (And penalised both clubs.)

    So in the example you give, of one 'event' it would be possible for uefa to rule that the amount of money flowing in was disproportionately large, or was a 'fake' income stream.

    But I suppose there will always be owners who want to get round the rules, and lawyers who will earn high fees by advising on ever more sophisticated ways how it might be done.
  • c&bsky - In some ways I think a 'super league' may be better, then in others worse. Probably best to leave be - I am naturally risk averse.

    However you overate Milan. Whilst a huge name of the past, in the last 4 years they have finished 6th, 7th, 10th, and 8th. If they were entered into a super league currently they would be whipping boys.
  • MrsG, I hope your right. I just fear those expensive lawyers will wheedle them out, or at least make the punishments shrink. Also, although I said 'one event' what if he does one every couple of weeks or something? IDK it's all ultimately conjecture. It really is only a 'our word against yours' scenario hard to prove definitively what the payments are for. I hope the authorities are strong. But please, if charged with a guilty verdict punish them where it hurts - Champs League access.
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    Apparently La Liga have formally asked Uefa to investigate Man City.

  • Seeing that Neymar bolstered the Quatari attacking options, is he a kind of super soldier? ;whistle
  • Talking of FFP, reports coming out that QPR are in BIG trouble, there was a story a while back that they didn’t comply during their promotion season and that TF/owners posted a loss of £9m and tried to write off £60m from the accounts as an exceptional item. Well they appear to of been rumbled and could end up paying a pound for pound fine of £40m.

    What a mess!
  • While I am glad clubs that go against the rules are caught and punished (and rightly so), I hope the club doesn't have serious issues as a result or be at risk of folding. As ever fans suffer due to irresponsible owners.
  • On said note at the time my preference was Tony Fernandes over the two Dave's all those years ago. Whilst they are far from perfect it seems I was greatly wrong.
  • While I am glad clubs that go against the rules are caught and punished (and rightly so), I hope the club doesn't have serious issues as a result or be at risk of folding. As ever fans suffer due to irresponsible owners.

    Yeah, wouldn't that kind of be against the whole point of FFP?
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