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  • There are limits! ;nonono

    I will investigate.

    And database tamperings by the look of it!!!! ;wink
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    Look at all those!

    It's quite funny. I didn't think my post was that well argued or explained. But I was in a hurry. ;lol
  • I was talking about all Grey's extra points on his profile ;wink
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    And Yeold

  • ;nonono

    I was talking about my likes, but look at all those badges!

  • Badges? What badges? ;whistle

  • Grey, I feel the fact the buttons are now 'named' are an excellent addition. Gives personification to ones confirming of other's opinions, so I feel I have let people know that 'I' specifically approve their comment. I feel it will further stop repeated comments well. (I also believe it will increase engagement in the site from users - if facebook proves one thing it is that we all love to have our opinions confirmed!)

    I have one potential request though. The cheered up button IMO currently can be confused for both, 'I am happy about this' and 'I find this humourous'. For example after your comment:

    I wanted to put a 'Lol', in the irony that even after a good positive change with these features, you are still having to sort things out, my appreciation etc.
    However, just as I was about to strike CMU, I worrried you might deem it that I'm happy your looking into it, thereby potentially annoyed at a feature error.

    Maybe I'm looking too deep onto this. I just feel there are some comments in which I would like to say I'm happy with this (e.g. potential signings) and others I want to confirm my sensible chuckle to, when my funny bone is gently caressed.

    TL;DR can we have three buttons; I agree, I'm happy about this, I find this funny.
    ...but maybe more succinctly named.

    And as ever, thanks for your continued efforts on this site.
  • Think this is a top tweak, greyerz ;ok
  • Florin ;ok

    It's not uncommon to see someone make a post stating their surprise that something would have cheered people up
  • How about an 'Excellent news' or 'Good to see'?
  • Or make 'Cheered me up' read 'Made me laugh' and have a 'Happy with that' button?
  • And Yeold


    what did I do XD
  • 91 points

  • Must be hiding some wedge under that hat ;wink
  • I would like there to be a full range:

    - I agree
    - This made me laugh
    - I'm agreeing with this because I lost a bet to IZWT and I am legally obliged to do so
    - Excellent news
    - Happy with that

    And so on
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    rav ;lol
  • Also - just to report back on how the changes have affected the site, I have found that it actually responds quicker to me hitting agree/CMU. Previously the page would reload to register it, but now it is just appearing instantly ;ok
  • 91 points


    what badges >.> ? is this something you see when not in Stealth mode ? I am in stealth mode 99% of the time lol XD
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    Click on your profile to go to your home page

    visible on both full and stealth
  • Yes I am the Badge King !
  • I'm going to stop posting my opinions and stuff and instead just post things that I think people will be cheered up by.

    For example

  • I am going to make a poster of my badges and post it on my wall.
  • Hate it!

  • It's odd.

    I've got badges turned off, but they are still being awarded...

  • #circle

  • Not to me. ;weep
  • Only the chosen one will get the Badge
  • We few, we happy few, we band of badgeholders;
    For he to-day that sheds his badges with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition:
    And non badge holders in England now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
    And hold their badges cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.
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    I just got 11 notifications, thought I had been a bad boy but apparently I've earn't some badges...

    What is the points based on? I have 2 points other people have lots more.

    Am I in danger of being relegated??

    If so can I make some Jan signings?
  • At the end of the season whoever has the least points has to go support Spurs
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