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  • ManUtd (H) - 29 Sept 18 12:30pm ko - Match Thread

    Even our dinner is a hammers fan
  • ManUtd (H) - 29 Sept 18 12:30pm ko - Match Thread

    My daughter was Mascot today and therefore I am putting the win firmly at her feet. I will be informing the club that they need to retain her services for the rest of the season, at least.
    Very proud Dad today. She came out with Nobes.
  • Spuds v West Ham , Sunday 18th October , 4.30pm

    Grey would have enjoyed that. ( After not enjoying it.)
  • RIP John Murphy 1961 - 2020

    Last night i was thinking of Grey and how he would have loved this season ,Never met or even spoke to him so to spend a moment thinking of him shows what he ment to this site .I just hope where ever he is he has a smile on his face .Also sending best wishes and hugs to Mrs Grey .Hope you to had a smile for him yesterday
  • Spuds v West Ham , Sunday 18th October , 4.30pm

    Grey would have enjoyed that. ( After not enjoying it.)
    So great to see your comment. My thoughts are with you. There are rarely any comments on here that are impossible to disagree with. This is unquestionably one.
    Thanks Deanscale. I missed him today, 1st game without him.

    He would also have enjoyed going along to see our friend Kosta, local bar owner and lifelong Spurs fan, who wouldn't have been able to watch the game tonight... And explaining how we scored our goals. Because Kosta always appreciated it when we do that. :-)

    So I'll be doing that tomorrow, for grey.
  • The 'couldn't think where else to put this' and decided it didn't merit a new thread thread

    Hi All ;wave The Sledge Family send their love . Miss Sledge (Emma) got married on Saturday and obviously Sledgehammer was sadly missed . The photo shows claret and blue balloons being released at the reception in his memory. Emma is the one in white and I am furthest left ;hug ;champagne ;champagne SAM_2545
  • Smash Those Potters - Stoke (A) Match Thread 16.12.17 3pm


    Did David Moyes start the last three match threads.

    No, he did not.

    You are all welcome ;biggrin
  • The new manager hunt (was the Moyes thread) only 3 days to wait...

    "Rumour has it Sakho had reported to the physio with an unknown liquid leaking from his head after training. Gary Lewin informed him it was nothing to worry about, he was apprently just sweating."
  • Where do we go next?

    I so wish we could fast forward 3 months to Xmas...

    Couple of points that have been mentioned; this stuff about Moyes 'sorting out the sides fitness'. Personally, much like the 'made us solid with the back five' one, I think that is a complete myth too. We took many thrashings under Moyes & there were plenty of games where we looked far from fit. A few I can think of way into his tenure included Liverpool (4-1), Swansea (4-1), Burnley (0-3), Man City (1-4), Arsenal (4-1), Stoke (1-1). So let's not pretend we were this fully functioning solid, fit unit. He tweaked the system & we intertwined the thrashings with important victories, normally led by MOTM performances by Arnie.

    Also, just a quick comparison, our results last season away at Anfield, the Emirates, at home to Bournemouth & last seasons equivalent side to Wolves (Newcastle, who won the Championship the season before), saw us record results of 4-1, 4-1, 1-1 (a game we were also losing) & 2-3; a grand total of 1 point from 12. Our next few fixtures - Everton (a), Chelsea (h), Man Utd (h), Brighton (a), Spurs (h) - saw us take 4 points last season. So, actually, if we sit with 5 points after 9 games, we are on par with last seasons equivalent. If we take 6 or more, we have improved. In other words, a point at Everton puts us level with the equivalent set of fixtures last season.

    I think if we are going to get fully on board with a Pelle & player bashing, we need to do so looking at it fairly. Personally I feel being constructive is better than labelling the side & management useless. Merse & Bellers piping up is also a bit needless (plus Cottee). None of them know anything beyond what we all know. They don't know who wanted the players, who we didn't sign, who Pelle didn't ask for & we also haven't settled on an 11 to play a certain style, so to say we've been 'sussed' is almost laughable.

    Finally, this is what happens when you continually have seasons where the board don't know what they want or where they want to go. Grant, followed by stability Sam, followed by ambitious Bilic, followed by another short term fix. They have finally settled on a lucrative manager, given him money & said 'make it happen'. Reality is it doesn't just 'happen', & whilst you could have a go at the Dave's for being so indecisive in the past, always going to the quick fix, they have now decided they want to overhaul the management, scouting, squad & playing style, & we have to go with that & see it through. Not start talking about abandoning it after 3 weeks.
  • West Ham v Southampton (A) 14th Dec @ 17:30 - When the Saints go marching...

    Mrs G has been a tower of strength and support.