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  • Magic Minutes - EURO's edition

    39 - Italy wales Kuchinghammer
    06 - Switzerland Turkey MrsGrey
    Woo hoo, on the score sheet at last.
  • Couldn't think....part 4

    One of my Father's Day gifts:

    Lots of detail on our history. Also, Russell Brand.
  • Couldn't think....part 4

    The Torquay goalkeeper has just equalised with ninety seconds to go in the National League Play Off Final with a header. 😄
  • Couldn't think....part 4

    Bolsonaoro has been a leading Covid-denier and Brazil only began negotiations to buy vaccines in April when deaths had already reached 250k

    He probably asked for the Copa because he thought it might boost his popularity, there's an election next year and he's trailing a long way behind former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (aka Lula) in the polls.
    How can it go un noticed?
    Because our news media is too busy telling us about students voting to take down a picture of the Queen, baby names, an interview with a dead woman that happened 26 years ago and a serial adulterer getting married for the 3rd time

  • Euro 2020 Group Stage Thread

    I think the first tie breaker is the match between the two teams themselves.
    So if my maths is correct it would mean the following:
    England win - top of the group
    England draw - 2nd
    England lose and Scotland lose - 2nd
    England lose and Scotland draw - 2nd
    England lose by one goal and Scotland win by one goal - 2nd or 3rd, depending on the correct tie breaker (goals scored?)
    England lose by one goal and Scotland win by at least two goals - 3rd
    England lose by more than one and Scotland win - 3rd

    By the time we play we should have a rough idea if 3rd would get us through. If I remember correctly then 4 points were enough during the last WC so I guess we should already be through to the next round.
  • Euro 2020 Group Stage Thread

    Souness had a massive bee in his bonnet about Rice and Phillips. At the end of the day, they kept and possession ended up regularly enough with Kane, Sterling and co - they just did nothing with it.

    England's lack of creativity is being blamed on the players who are there to defend, and not on golden boys Mount, Foden and Grealish, for example, whose job it is to create.

    I agree Declan could do more, but let's look at the facts - his job is to defend, and so far England haven't conceded a goal.
  • Transfer Speculation (1st June onwards)

    Colchester have signed Sears and Nouble


  • Transfer Speculation (1st June onwards)

    Remember the hype around Lingard wearing a Rice top for the Croatia game?

    He wore a Rashford top last night.

    JLingz be playing the fans, man.
  • Euro 2020 Group Stage Thread

    If only Antonio was offering himself upfront.
  • Euro 2020 Group Stage Thread

    Read that at school Wombat .Have to look it up again