Huddersfield Town (A) Saturday 10th Nov, 15:00

As a natural born winner I don't know why it took me so long to finally start a match thread, but you're welcome.


  • Away win ;wahoo
  • I think it's called 'picking your moment' ;dog

    No complaints ... away win
  • Enjoy the basking Alders (until Citeh roll into town the game after Huddersfield ;nonono )
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    Suspect it will be unchanged but there must be a temptation to go:

    Zabaleta - Balbuena - Diop - Cresswell
    Rice - Obiang
    Diangana - Arnautovic - Anderson

    Huddersfield don’t score many & rely on deep defending & keeping it tight. Although they do pull out a result now & then. May be a similar game to Brighton away.
  • Personally, I want Snodgrass in the team more than Hernandez. We need the workrate in the middle of the pitch and he has craft on the ball too
  • Lukerz I think that would be very hard on Snodgrass who has really shone in terms of attitude this season, and also provides some 'bite' that is often missing from our line-ups. If you were to make a change to accommodate Hernandez I would swap Obiang - although thinking as I type (dangerous) Snodgrass has been a very effective substitute, I wonder if Obiang would ;puzzled

    Good job we're not the one's paid the big bucks in team selection.
  • I agree it would be hard on Snodgrass who has done nothing wrong, but I think we looked a lot better going forward when Hernandez was pinning the Burnley CBs back and Arnie had freedom to play deeper. When Arnie is the CF, often he comes deep, gets the ball, looks up and finds nobody is in the box.

    I'd be tempted to leave Obiang out and start Hernandez ahead of Arnie. Huddersfield are the lowest-scoring teams in the league and our defence isn't great anyway, so I'd like to see us line up as attacking as possible.
  • Fab
    Zab - Balbuena- Diop - Cressy
    Obiang - Rice - Snodgrass
    Diangana - Arnie - Anderson

    Keep consistency, Hernandez is a good option to have off the bench
  • Champo ;ok

    Snodgrass has deserved his run of starts, and Hernandez is most effective from the bench (which must be frustrating for him) but for the sake of the team I'd keep him there.

    I'm excited about Lanzini's return as much as everyone else, but I'm concerned that he won't be the same player. I fear this could be another Jack Collison/Dean Ashton situation ;weep
  • Jorderz,


    Look for the marking on Burnley's second goal if you want to find something he has done wrong.
  • Fortune, he was marking Wood, but more importantly was why was he imo , so wrong
  • Totally agree with jay. Wood hadn't been on long and we somehow didn't react to this. We also had four defenders go to the near post, dragged there by two Burnley players, leaving a huge space for Wood to exploit.
    Even when we are playing well there is always room for improvement.
  • Fortune,

    I don't blame Snodgrass for Wood's goal. I blame who ever decided Snodgrass was going to mark Wood.
  • The problem arose because as soon as the corner was taken, Snodgrass ran away from Wood, leaving him with plenty of room to manoeuvre.
  • Have you seen the way wood plays ,I would run away as well ;run
  • How do you think Barnes got that shiner ;sofa
  • I'm going to this one and more than a little excited. Please win it's been a while (28 years) since i saw us win live.
  • Huddersfield picked up their first win tonight so we are spared the possibility of it happening against us. Hopefully it won't kick start their season and we should have too much for them.
  • ;angry stupid Fulham
  • I'm glad they won. Was gonna win at some point.
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    Scrap my idea with Hernandez; not sure he'd be up for this sort of physical battle.

    They are very combative & direct. Their fans are loud. They play like underdogs. We're going to have to be at it in terms of work rate & concentration.

    The reality is though, despite all that, they are a very average side. Poor by PL standards. They struggle for goals (beat a very poor Fulham side 1-0 thanks to an O.G) & just lack quality in most areas. Fair play to them. Have done brilliantly to be in their second season given they haven't spent much money.

    My worry is that we decide to have one of our 'cold' games & they outmuscle us & nick the win from a set play or something. We'll probs have over 65% possession & it will be a similar pattern to Brighton away. Anderson will need to expect some treatment from them. I know Snoddy, Arnie, Rice, Balbuena, Zab, Diop will be up for it but not as convinced by Anderson, Cresswell, Obiang etc.

    No complacency, good work rate, we should have enough to cause them problems with the pace of our wide men & strength/finishing of Arnie.

    Draw wouldn't be disastrous but obviously we should be going for the win & I'm sure Pelle will be.
  • This is a highly winnable game and should be targeted as such.
  • A big game we win a nice gap to the relegation zone...
  • If (always big ifs in football, but you know what I mean) we play like we did against Burnley, and they play like they did against Fulham, we would win pretty much every time.

    Fulham were absolutely dreadful, and it can't be too long before Moyesy or Sam are picking up a West London pay cheque.
  • This should be a comfortable win
  • Oh, Exeter, how we wish you hadn't said that out loud...
  • Exeter are you new to this West Ham thing?
  • What is wrong with vocalising optimism. Have confidence ;ok
  • Hamstew said:

    Exeter are you new to this West Ham thing?

    He’s probably a lifer like myself nothing can be done for us COYI
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