Build up to World Cup



  • jay

    I saw Real have appointed him. Where did you see it say he was sacked?
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    He is still the coach until after the World Cup. He then becomes boss of Real Madrid.
  • Seems a crazy time to do that.
  • Sky sports he’s been sacked two days before World Cup
  • SSN reporting he's sacked ...
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    Yep, it's on the Beeb:

    Apparently he hadn't told the Spanish FA before agreeing to join Real, so they've sacked him, 24 hours before the WC starts.

    Absolutely hatstand decision, imo.
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    Spain manager sacked and appointed basically as Spain Manager xD without some added Barca / Atletico players.
  • Wow.... Can you imagine the stink...
  • ;nonono
  • Ha ha this is hilarious.....

    Big Sam should be boarding a plane right now....
  • I really want to see a player manager in the World Cup now ;pray

    I hope they let Ramos do it ;lol
  • They should get Benitez on the quick....IMO
  • Hierro already in place for Spain
  • Yes, apparently the Spanish FA said 'I need a Hierro' ;run
  • Nice one Baz. I'm sitting here in my holiday apartment thousands of miles from home having to explain to Mrs IH why I have just spat my coffee across the table. ;puzzled
  • This just proves that our own FA is far from the worst in Europe ;ok
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    Right. I've downloaded and printed off my wall chart. I've read the team-by-team guide. I've done my predictions. I've finished my teaching for the summer. I've got wall-to-wall TV.

    Bring it on!
  • After all that research MrsG I thought you were going to tell us who wins it. ;biggrin
  • ;whome

    Then how would I win the predictor?
  • Ok, no more Mr Nice Guy it is then.

  • Match day ;wahoo
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    So, what shall we do about new threads.

    Shall we have 1 for England games and a separate one for 'others' or would it make more sense to just have 1 for all the group stages?

    Or an England thread to cover all of their Group G, so we can (as people are likely to) discuss how their opponents' games affect England's chances of getting out of the group?

    I wonder how people will find it most convenient to post, discuss and read others' opinions. ;hmm

    I'm tending towards the latter option. (Group G and 'other')
  • Separate England Only thread since that will generate most discussion, then have an everyone else thread rather than 8 separate group threads.
  • I reckon a Group G thread and then a separate one for the other groups.
  • The England football team visited an orphanage in Russia yesterday. "It's heartbreaking to see their little faces with no hope," said Vladimir aged six. ;biggrin
  • Much excitement in the Claret household ;wahoo

  • So I've put my colours up Gorilla style, just how Kane will nick the ball off Kompany in game 3....

  • Japan in the office sweepstake.

    £5 I'll never see again.
  • Typical my luck , having storms out here in Cape Town so Satelite suffering a bit!.
    Pundits visiting South Africa and in studio out here are Gianfranco Zola, Dwight Yorke , Jay Jay Okocha & Andy Townsend today, sadly tho Phil Neville will also be joining them!...
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