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    I see the Sun is doing it's best to undermine the England team again..

    Didnt bother to check the facts before classing Sterling as sick.
  • It still ain't clever though is it? ;hmm
  • Nobody’s business but his. Up to him what ink he decides on.
  • From what he has said, he is using it as a metaphor.

    It clearly has non-violent, personal meaning for him.

    It may not be to everyone's taste, but castigating him without knowing anything is about par for the Sun.
  • People 'demanding' he gets it covered up. Absolutely ridiculous.

    I wonder if he'll get an apology from those quick to publicly chastise him now he's explained the reasoning behind it ;hmm
  • OCS

    I'm going to go with 'unlikely' on that one...
  • Not sure why he’s waited that long for his tribute artwork tho
  • It can take time. It took me six years to figure out the best tribute artwork for my late nan.

    You have ideas, they don't feel quite right so you think again. Sometimes it can take a long time before something feels right.
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    Also, it sounds like it is a work in progress, so he may have been getting it done bit by bit.

    Plus, they can only get them after turning 18 (he's 23) and not during the season or (I guess) if they are involved in a summer tournament. Which wouldn't have left all that much time.
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    From what he has said, he is using it as a metaphor.

    It clearly has non-violent, personal meaning for him.

    It may not be to everyone's taste, but castigating him without knowing anything is about par for the Sun.

    I have a tee shirt
    One sleeve has Stars and Stripes
    The orther union flag
    On the front
    Brothers in arms
    M16 and SA80
    Weapons are pointing downwards
    With our flags above the weapons

    The reasons for tee shirt was raise money for
    Lost limbs

    I will take photo of it if needed,
    In a nutshell weapons down “ piece “
    Any orther way ;hmm
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    It's probably something that's still on his mind all these years later. I'm sure he's tried other things to process it but I imagine it's a thing that must stick with him and come up at different points in his life and this might be how he deals with at this time.

    Here are all the other times he's been picked on by the tabloids, for things like...eating breakfast.

  • Cheers for that, Outcast.

    It's bizarre the way he has been targeted.

    I see the Sun have decided to go down the 'full searchlight' road, rather than the 'we got it wrong' one.
  • ;lol

    If Jamie Vardy doesn’t lift Sterling’s right leg up and pretend to fire it after a goal at the World Cup,there’s no point in any of this!
  • ;hmm so England are going to score a goal
  • £200,000-a-week Manchester City star Raheem Sterling takes £80 EASYJET flight
  • Shock Horror Gasp ;nonono

    Poor lad can’t do right for doing wrong..... imagine if he’d spent 4 grand on a flight!
  • Yeah. So what if he doesn' take up a mortgage to donate money. I wasn't aware it.was compulsory to donate everything you earned nowadays
  • Munich ;ok

    Some of those are made up. (I'm not 100% sure which ones.) I wouldn't be surprised if the one you allude to is true, though.
  • Unbelievable I got Uruguay and Serbia in my World Cup Sweepstake.

    One guy managed to draw Germany and France.

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    I’ll swap with you.

    I got England ;doh
  • There is a really good print off wall chart on the cbbc website. ;whistle
  • Wow no Sane in the German squad... One of the best players for City this season...
  • I run our sweepstake, and we have different prizes on offer.

    Prize Money
    Tournament Winner £32.00
    Top Scorer £10.00
    Runner Up £6.00
    Third Place £4.00
    England £2.00
    Knock Out England £2.00
    Knocked Out of Group £0.50
  • alderz said:

    Knocked Out of Group £0.50

  • I see Dendoncker has been included in the Belgium World Cup squad, which will only add to his asking price, I reckon.
  • Im in so many sweepstakes going to be broke

    Work sweepstake - Got Uruguay + Serbia
    Second Work sweepstake - still waiting to find out
    Outside work friends sweepstake - (only 8 of us so we all took a group each so all of get to the round of 16, i got Group F with Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Iran)
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    Here are the 5 West Ham players representing their countries at the World Cup!

    Mario (kind of)

    Who will go the furthest?
  • Surely Lanzini will go furthest?
  • Not sure Portugal have a chance euro champions.
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