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  • great window, because you just don't understand ;wahoo
  • Interesting to see what we do with Sakho

    Surely he has to get fit and back in the team he may be a good option if we can sort him out

    Fletcher retained so going ahead for watford with Zaza, Fletcher and Calleri

    Overall happy with the window I'm sure had we had a couple more players fit we'd be excited too some of us still reeling from the Astra disappointment

    Masuaka seems a cracking signing, Zaza may be our double figure striker, Ayew may help ease the burden off Payet, Feghouli and Nordveit add depth, Tore surely can only get better, Calleri and Arbeloa may be shrewd moves and some promising youth players particularly Fletcher

    Now let's crack on with the season
  • Adrian
    Byram Reid Ogbonna Cresswell
    Noble Kouyate
    Antonio Lanzini Payet

    Arbeloa Collins Oxford Arthur
    Nordtveit Obiang
    Feghouli Tore Ayew

    Not a bad transfer window when you look at our options ;ok
  • IMO its been a great window for the club. Hopefully all the foundations are in place so we dont have to do as much business in the new few windows because we've got all the ingredients to really build something long term. Great to get Lanzini signed permanently and to retain Payet; Nordveidt and Feghouli on frees were superb bits of business as well. Ashley Fletcher has also been very impressive in his appearances and looks a very promising acquisition. Next on the agenda, at some stage a new deal for Slaven ;thumbsup ;thumbsup ;scarf

    P.S if Sakho is still at the club, he may still be an asset for the club if he commits himself properly.
  • And that's leaving out Calleri, Fletcher, Quina, Martinez, Fernández and even Sakho
  • Wonder if Everton are paying all of Valencia's wages or a percentage?

    Anyone know roughly what he was earning a week?
  • Wait until morning comes and Koeman turns up the training ground and says to the chairman 'what's that?' Chairman says 'It's Valencia as requested' . Koeman takes his hat of and beats said chairman with it whilst explaining he meant Manchester UTD'S Valencia.

    Surely they must have had him watched? and they still took him.
  • Adrian
    Byram Reid Ogbonna Cresswell
    Noble Kouyate
    Antonio Lanzini Payet

    Arbeloa Collins Oxford Arthur
    Nordtveit Obiang
    Feghouli Tore Ayew

    Not a bad transfer window when you look at our options ;ok

    Not bad at all, although interesting that there is only one new addition to our first team line up in your squad. But for the first time we kept our best players and have real quality on the bench.
  • Wonder if Everton are paying all of Valencia's wages or a percentage?

    Anyone know roughly what he was earning a week?

    40,000 quid, as reported recently...
  • Cheers Dublin

    Crazy world we live in

    When i first read that, i was oh that's not much

    Then it dawned on me

    I earn that a YEAR.


    And i put in more of a performance :wink:
  • Finally

    Never been so happy losing a player on loan

    Watch him smash it in for Everton....

    What are the odds that he scores a "goal of the season" contender against us? Or have we included a clause that he can't play against us?
  • A lot of new bodies though the door.

  • Dimi is a hammer ;biggrin
  • Dimi is a hammer ;biggrin

    THAT, in my opinion was the single most important ooutcome of this window. We strengthened our squad even though we didn't manage to sign our first choice strikers but I think that this window was all about keeping Payet.

    We could have bought Lacazette, Batshuayi AND Bacca but had we sold Payet I think it would have been a step backwards.

    Dimi improves our players and kind of brings them to a new level. Look at Noble. If Dimi is on the pitch with him he seems like a new player.

    In my view this was a top window!
  • Whilst I am ;hmm about how our business strengthens the first XI, we have no doubt padded out the squad depth. How good those players are is another matter, but it is a long season and we still have Cresswell and Ayew to return. Now not in Europe, I would be gutted if we did not attack both cups and try and win both. It will be tough to finish in the top 10 this season with the money teams have spent.
  • Agree not sure how much our first 11 has improved.

    Zaza and Arboloa are the only players bought that could replace our 11 at the moment.

    And Zaza we need to see him before I am sure if that's the case.
  • Does feel a bit under whelming.

    I accept naivety on my part as I haven’t seen a lot of these play and haven’t bothered to look them up on YouTube. Will judge them on their performances here.

    The squads strengthen but would say overall weaker at CB with the loss of Tomkins.

    All other positions we have improved the depth.

    Making Lettuce perm was a good move and excited about Zaza

    But that’s about it ;hmm
  • Just lacking that Adebayor feeling eh Rav? ;whistle
  • Agree it was a shame to lose Tomkins, but I think it ware more important to keep Oxford and still have Burke in reserve (even though we may not be able to recall him from loan?).

    Last season the issue wasn't our first team it was who stepped in when they were available. We now have genuine options all over the pitch which makes it a very good transfer window in my book.

    I get fed up with the who has spent how much argument as performances rarely equate to amounts spent. It's what they do on the pitch that counts, not how much they cost.

    Onwards and upwards.

  • Exactly expat

    That would have been a #gamechanger ;lol
  • Merson has rated our window a C. I swear that usually when they do these grades there are usually one or two clubs that get A's purely for keeping their best player. We've done a lot more than that.
  • I am optimistic.

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    MIAHammer said:

    What are the odds that he scores a "goal of the season" contender against us? Or have we included a clause that he can't play against us?

    Club site announcement says he can't play against us (PL rules, rather than clause in the loan agreement) ;ok
  • Merson on Soccer Saturday sat there for 5 minutes questioning why Payet hadn't played much this season and telling everybody he thinks he'll be off by Wednesday.

    Utter pleb.
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    MrsG ;hmm

    Odds he smashes the post against Burnley and it rebounds out the ground all the way to the London stadium and creeps into our net in our game, putting us 1-0 down. ;hmm
  • I'm not sure how to feel this morning. Clearly delighted that Payet is still with us. Before Gold and Sullivan he would have been sold for sure.

    However the average amount spent by PL clubs was £60m over the window. Granted the top 4 spent nearly £400m and Man U and Chelsea also spent a lot meaning the average for the rest of the league was about £50m which is what we spent.

    You can't count the money we may spend on Zaza as other clubs have done similar deals and this money is also not included.

    This is not a statement and the board definitely do not have the right to expect us to finish top 6. I'm concerned that Slaven may decide to move on at the end of this year if he's not given the funds to push for the top 4 spots.
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    Arguably too early to say how good this window has been because Feghouli, Ayew and Zaza have hardly kicked a ball for us.

    Pleased with our full back additions, we now have four, arguably five wingers and - on paper at least - three good strikers to chose from in Zaza, Carroll and Sakho. Fletcher has looked good, and Martinez doing the business in the Development Squad.

    Tore and Calleri have flattered to deceive, but both are on loan so if they do go all Victor Moses on us we can give them back. Nordtveit hasn't looked great either, but he cost us nothing and I think he'll come good anyway.

    And we kept Payet, got Lanzini on a permanent deal and shipped out Valencia.

    Much more more good than bad, IMO ;ok
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    I think Slav knows quite well that West Ham is never going to be competing financially with those mega-rich clubs.

    He's said as much, so I am not concerned at all that he will leave for that reason.

    I agree that the Board don't have the right to expect us to finish top 6... but then again, I don't think they do (expect it). I believe they see it as a possibility, and something worth aspiring to.
  • I agree it's hard to see if our first XI has improved but it's hard to improve a first XI as good as ours, especially on our budget

    Las seasons best XI was
    Tomkins Reid Ogbonna Cresswell
    Noble Kouyate
    Antonio Lanzini Payet

    If you look at that team it's hard to improve

    Can we get a player better than Payet? No
    Are we going to get a better keeper the Adrian? NO
    Is Noble going to be dropped after the season he had a & being captain? No
    Kouyate is perhaps our most important player were we gonna spend £35/45mil upgrading him? No
    How much would it cost to get a left back better then cresswell?
    Could we improve the centre backs? maybe but at what cost?
    There may be better techncial wingers but are there bigger goal threats then Antonio
    May be a better playmaker than Lanzini but the lad is class again would take a £30mil player to dislodge him

    So of our first XI last year you are only looking at improving Right back and up front, which imo I think we've done. Zaza has the potential to be a long term solution for us and byram is a more balanced right back than Tomkins who was only really a defensive right back while byram also has room to grow

    Last year, our second team was

    JOB Collins Oxford Byram
    Moses Obiang Song Valencia
    Sakho Emenike

    When we lost players we were reliant on the likes of Valencia, Emenike and Moses to get us goals including the likes of Zarate & jelavic. Playing these players straight up lost us point's

    I'm much more confident having the likes of Ayew, Feghouli, Tore, Calleri and Fletcher as well as Carroll (who'll be an impact sub more often, which imo is where he's at his most uesful) we have so many more options and a couple players who can change the game, something we didn't have last year
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