Official - some people can't let Sam Allardyce go (counselling available, reasonable fees.)



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    The big man throwing some shapes shape.

  • What has been seen can not be unseen ;nonono
  • No Sam, no party

  • Watched Soccer Aid last night. Mourinho and Big Sam were joint managers for England and Ranieri was manager for ROW.
    Sam was well and truly involved as he has been for the last few years.
    Ollie Murs, Jack Whitehall, Mark Wright and Defoe played well.
    Ronaldinho, Edgar Davids and Dimitar Berbatov were outstanding for ROW
    Both teams including the celebs put on a great show for the fans and raised over £5.4 million for UNICEF.
    Score: England 3. ROW 2
    Mark Wright 1. Dimitar Berbatov 2
    Defoe. 2

  • This game is organised by football mad
    Robbie Williams in aid of UNICEF!
    During the game when Ronaldinho stepped up to take a free kick in front of goal and skied it , David Seaman looked at him and mouthed
    "What was that?" Ronaldinho pointed at David and laughed.
  • We all did that in 2002...
  • Yep I had it on in the background, good effort by all involved for a great cause.

    As always, plenty of half wits on Twitter complaining about this, that or someone whose playing. These people never cease to amaze me, sitting there using their home wifi, which they complain the cost of while they get involved in a twitter argument about who has hung off the coat tails (their opinion) of Robbie Williams.

    For crying out loud, at least these people are doing what they can for these charities.

    Ronaldinho did two nutmegs effortlessly in a matter of seconds, however nobody was banking on West Ham fan Ben Shepard being sent off for two yellows (even in these games the ref's are against us ;biggrin )

    Very aggressive tackle for the first yellow on Edgar Davids.....
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    West Ham fan Ben Shepard being sent off for two yellows


    He always seems so mild-mannered on Goals on Sunday.
  • Learnt all he knows from that leg breaker Kamara.
  • Daniel day lewis was pretty good.
  • Good left foot?

  • OOooo I saw what you did there ;biggrin
  • ;whistle
  • Anyway, it was Damien Lewis ;lol
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