West Ham v Southampton 29th Feb 2020 - 15:00

Last time I did a match thread we went on a bit of a winning run.

2-1 loss.

Barry Venison and Carlton Palmer with one each.


  • Brian Dear scores for us?
  • Lucan wasn’t on the run yet
  • Win , because I think we will :biggrin:

  • There are no margins for error now. Fabianksi has given goals away against Brighton, MAN C and Liverpool. He has not been the same player since returning from injury and needs to feel that his place is not guaranteed. I think we need to drop him to make sure that the message hits home though I suspect Moyes will still select him. Anderson (is he fit?) was poor against Liverpool and needs to be replaced by Bowen. I thought Ngakia played well against Liverpool and should retain his place.

    So a team that play 4-3-3/4-5-1 could be as follows:

    Ngakia - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Noble - Rice - Fornals
    Snodgrass - Antonio - Bowen

    Subs: Fabianski, Haller, Anderson, Balbuena, Lanzini, Ajeti, Zabaleta
  • I think Fabianski is still our no1 by far and even saved a couple of goals others would have conceded before his errors cost us. The one thing I wouldn't do is potentially undermine the perception of faith we have in one of the most important players we will need show up for this nail biting run in.

    Bowen must start this match. He and Antonio can be a real handful hopefully.
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    Ngakia - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Fornals - Rice - Snodgrass
    Bowen - Anderson

    Randolph, Balbuena, Zabaleta, Masuaku, Noble, Lanzini, Haller

    Work rate in the middle, pace/power/guile in the front 3, back four is probably the most solid we have.
  • I like that team.
  • Fab
    Ngakia Diop Ogbonna Cresswell
    Snodgras Rice Noble Fornals
    Bowen Antonio

    Wouldn't be surprised to see something like this, dont think Moyes is going to drop Noble so may as well keep him in there

    Fornals has done enough (surely) to get a chance especially given how poor Anderson is at the moment
  • My main concern is we don't seem to able to string two performances together let alone get a result at the moment. A massive game we need to win, hope we can scrap to a 2-0 win
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    To be fair PLF we haven't been able to put a single performance together so this is the first chance to 'string' two together for quite a while. :biggrin:
  • my bar for the level of performance is quite low to be fair :biggrin:
  • Lukerz team please
  • Redmond and Djenepo out for Saints
  • Lawro's got us down for a 2-0 win.

    So yeah. Loss.
  • if fornals and Bowen don’t play then I really have had enough
  • if fornals and Bowen don’t play then I really have had enough

    If they don’t play but we win then I’m alright with it. If we don’t win and they don’t play then I’m not alright with it.
  • Redmond out is huuuge
  • Norwich got a good win tonight v
  • 3 points behind us now and they looked gone a month ago slowly slowly catches monkey
  • Most surprised Norwich beat Leicester, that was a great result for them, and
    now closing the gap to the rest of the relegation fight.
  • To be fair Leicester went off the boil ages ago. Only looked half decent recently v us.
  • watching Leicester last night was like watching West Ham
    Key player injured - check
    Hit woodwork - check
    goal disallowed by VAR for accidental handball - check
    opposition should have had player sent off - check
    opposition not scored from open play this year - check
    scorer never scored before - check
    no points from a game they should have won - check
  • COYI
    A must win game today. I think we will.
  • Think it may be worth getting Haller in the side today. I did go with Antonio up front but thinking if we are going to stay up, you’d expect our £45m striker will need to contribute with goals.
  • Haller is our best finisher, IMO. The problem is we don’t create enough chances for him. Antonio is effective because he gets the ball and runs really fast in a straight line and bumps people out of the way. If we have a team with craft then Haller does well, IMO.

    Bowen, Snodgrass, Fornals, Lanzini and Anderson are all players who should be able to creat good chances for him. If we are relying on kick and rush then he shouldn’t play.
  • I'd play Haller and Bowen, together, above Antonio. Antonio just doesn't look like scoring and cant see a pass.
  • I'd play all three. Lukerz team but with Anderson out. Haller up top with Bowen and Antonio behind.
  • IronHerb said:

    I'd play Haller and Bowen, together, above Antonio. Antonio just doesn't look like scoring and cant see a pass.

    Antonio played a brilliant pass to Bowen at the end of the Liverpool match but Allison did well to save Bowen's effort when 1 on 1 with him. I disagree that Antonio can't see a pass. Also (like Haller) if given the right service I see Antonio scoring. In fact, i see Antonio doing more than Haller if:
    A) Given the right service
    B) If not given the right service Antonio is still more likely to score from bulldozing his way in which I can't see Haller doing
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    3 changes to the team and a possible change in formation apparently
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