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Not just us...

"We also have big blow for Onel Hernandez," Daniel Farke said.

"He slipped over at home and fell on his knee. We have to check if there's something wrong with his ACL. He is out for three months, and may need surgery."


  • So when will we sign him :lol:
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    Real Madrid have just released the following statement regarding Eden Hazard:

    "After the tests carried out after training today on our player Eden Hazard by the Real Madrid Medical Services, he has been diagnosed with a muscular injury to the anterior part of his right thigh.

    "His recovery will continue to be assessed."

  • Marco Silva says Andre Gomes still a doubt for tomorrow.

    Fabian Delph is also still out.
  • Chatting to a Spurs fan last night. He thinks they'll win today.

    Come on Citeh!
  • I can never understand why Dyche and Burnley get such an easy time in the meejah. They are identical to a typical Pulis Stoke side - utterly cynical.
  • Adrian howler, apparently.
  • The Citeh ‘keepers shirt :whome:
  • Zinchenko crocked but playing on cos City have used all 3 subs :nonono:
  • City late goal ruled out by var
  • We'll, ruled out because of the new handball rule. But checked by VAR. :weep:
  • Not sure that was a hand ball but like the Wolves one last week if the ball hits the arm it’s a ‘hand ball’.
  • Nowadays, there are some handballs which are 'offences' even without the 'deliberate' ruling.

    I'm not a fan, myself.
  • The rule says that a goal can't be scored by an arm, or if there is an arm in the build up, and is specific about excluding the idea of ''intent'.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Adrian howler, apparently.

    Huge howler. Even worse than some of the ones he made playing for us.
    Difference now is he’s playing for a team that scores more goals than he concedes.
  • Klopp blames his defenders for passing it back so many times with his injury and it was one back pass to many
  • Good for him. Clearly nonsense, but nice to see him trying to keep Adrian's confidence up.
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    Irony is dead.

    Dyche bemoans players who 'cheat' "the worst that can happen is a yellow card". He added: "Have you ever thought about that? I don't know any sport where they tell you that you can cheat once a game. I've never seen that in sport before.

  • Depressing that Citeh put 5 past us at home but Spuds put 2 past them at the Etihad and hold them to a draw. :weep:
  • To be fair, 2-2 was flattering. City had double the attempts they had vs us.
  • Also, Tottenham are a lot better than us, so not really a useful comparison.
  • Newcastle's Joelinton taken off after a knock, will need a scan.

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    Absolutely Jorderz, they have better players who when presented with a goal scoring opportunity take it.

    Two meaningful attempts on goal, two goals.

    Citeh’s defence is not perfect and Spurs exploited that.

    We had chances to score against Citeh but our players were not good enough to convert half chances into goals.
  • Jorderz, never say that in public, ever :biggrin:
    The point is that if we are aiming for top 6 then we have to be comparing ourselves with the Spuds.
  • We are no were near top six or in a position to compare ourselves to Spurs.
  • We can compare ourselves to Spurs.

    And when we do, we conclude that they are much better than we are.
  • Some truths better left unsaid MrsG. ;)
  • Today’s offering.

    2pm Palace v The Blunts

    I never thought I’d say this but......

  • I feel a bit sick now 🤢
  • Deeply conflicted. On the one hand the South Yorkshire Moaners, on the other...Zaha.
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