Women's World Cup

The Lionesses seem to have started well against Scotland. I am delighted the tournament is getting good coverage on the BBC.


  • 2-1 to English :bowdown:
  • England were very much holding on the second half. first half was excellent but second was poor
  • Not going to win the cup with that standard. Have seen the women play a lot better than that. At the end of the day its the 3 points that matter.

    Should go through and beat Argentina. Japan will be a good game a very possession based side but not unbeatable.
  • Not sure what to make of the US thrashing Thailand 13-0, a part of me is impressed that the US team kept up the pressure, a part of me feels that it shows the tournament is to widely inclusive.

    It makes the Scottish league look competitive ;)
  • Another decent win tonight.
    Perhaps just missing the cutting edge to put teams away.
  • Thailand's keeper is possibly their best player, it's the rest of the team that is pants (or should that be knickers as it's girlie football? Suze, Mrs G, help me out)
  • Another good goal!
  • And another.
  • England V Cameroon.

    England have 2 goals, 1 elbow in the face, 1 player being spat at.

    Cameroon letting the women’s game down by not understanding offside, VAR or how to conduct yourself on the field of play. Emulating the men’s game perfectly :doh:

    At half time the Cameroon players crying racism was the reason England’s second goal stood not that it was actually on side. At a time when Europe is marching to the right this is truly appalling :angry:

    The refereeing has been really weak.
  • Cameroon goal disallowed.

    The referee has got to get a grip on this game.

    The behaviour of the Cameroon players is disgraceful.
  • That God penalty wasn't given, all hell would have broken loose.
  • It was a foul and therefore a pen but the England players aren’t having a melt down.
  • A weak Ref and Cameroon are a disgrace.
  • Phil Neville, I couldn't agree with you more.
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