Get Out of My League! - The dreaded drop, and who's for it?

Back after no demand whatsoever, this year it is a pleasure not to have a dog in the fight.

In spite of the repetition of 'the magic 40' by pundits, players and maangers, the most common safety margin for a good few seasons now has been 36 points.

In that context, I've assembled this year's runners and riders to include all teams on 27 or less.


I don't think it is too radical to suggest that Huddersfield are gone. They need 6 draws and 6 wins just to get to 35 points (or 8 wins and 4 losses...), and given that they have picked up 1 point in the last 10 games, I think that is a tad unlikely.

Fulham are 8 points off safety, and 5 losses and 1 win in the last 6 hardly suggests they are going to pull that back. So, while it is perhaps too early to write them off for definite, I think their prospects are slimmer than a very slim thing on a diet.

Of the rest, Brighton are the team currently looking most vulnerable, with just 1 point from the last 6 games. They are the only team in that group whose current 6 or 10 game points average is lower than they need to achieve 36 points.

Remaining fixtures (if I've copied them across right...)



  • Grey I love this, as I did last year.

    The one thing I think is missing from this is a specific column detailing what impact West Ham can have. Who do we have to play? Who can we condemn?
  • alderz

    I've changed the remaining fixtures graphic to highlight who/when we play.

  • I think Fulham are goners as they just cant defend. I also think, and hope, Southampton go down and that we may send them on their way in our game in May.
  • Isn’t it nice to be in February and not be involved in the relegation scrap.
    This has always been my measure of success. Consistent and consecutive top 10 finishes plus safe by February/March.
    Forget Europe. I’ll be happy when we can do 3 top 10 finishes in a row.
  • Yes it’s massive relief not tobe involved this
    Well done board ,, pelly and noble.
    Going down
  • Looking at the recent form I think Fulham and Huddersfield will go down.
    I also think Brighton might go with them, as it is very close with Brighton
    having the worst form at the moment.
  • I want Southampton to be relegated..... please.
  • Me too Suze, don't really know why, but I just do
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    Idc who in that little group down below go, all of them could and I wouldn't mind.

    Gutted Huddersfield are going down but hey-ho it happens.

    Fulham / Cardiff / Southampton / Burnley / Palace / Brighton / Newcastle. Any of them 2 can go and I would be delighted. Wouldn't mind Burnley staying up if I was pushed to make a decision out of all of them who I would want to stay up.
  • Newcastle if I had to pick one ,There a sleeping giant who needs to be kept down for our sakes ;biggrin
  • Me too Suze, don't really know why, but I just do

    I can’t put my finger on why. I just feel they’ve been getting away with it for years. I’m not sure what ‘it’ is either ;hmm ;lol
  • Unlikely but would love Palace to go. If not them then Brighton. Far to many people that have jumped on the Brighton band wagon that live around my way. Funnily enough you never saw a single fan when they were down in the championship.
  • alderz said:

    Grey I love this, as I did last year.

    The one thing I think is missing from this is a specific column detailing what impact West Ham can have. Who do we have to play? Who can we condemn?

    The way we struggle against these teams I’d have thought we’d have no impact except to help them to safety ;whistle
  • Huddersfield and Fulham looked doomed, for the third place I want Cardiff (Colin) or Palace (dirty side plus Zaha).

    I want Brighton to stay up because we've finally got out of the habit of losing to them and we're due a win soon.

    I have a soft spot for Newcastle as my uncle (Dad's sister's husband) played for them in the 50s.

    There's a Burnley fan down my local, he's miserable enough without relegation to add to his woes. They've not lost since they dropped Joe Hart for Tom Heaton so I think they're safe.

    I have absolutely no opinion whatsoever on Southampton.
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    Brighton (if they find a little bit of form) and Newcastle have good upcoming fixtures which should get them enough points before the end of the season ultra nervy games.

    Palace are defensively decent at home and Zaha + Bats ;weep will score the goals for them

    I'd prefer Southampton to go down and their next seven fixtures are I think the toughest (apart from Fulham at home) to get points from.

    I admit to finding it hard to see where Cardiff are going to get enough wins/points to stay up but Southampton are my hope to help them.

    Straight fight between Southampton and Cardiff IMO (Fulham and Hudds are gone)
  • At the start of the season didn`t we have a predictions thread, top three, bottom three? If we did I can`t for the life of me remember who I picked. It might be quite interesting (in a Steve Davis kinda way) to pop that thread (if it exists) at the top of the board. As for the three relegated, Huddersfield, Fulham and Cardiff I reckon. I quite like Southampton, was a big fan of Le Tissier. ;footie
  • I'm another who doesn't like Soton, I think with me it's a relatively recent thing; Lallana's theatrics against us when he was there is definitely a factor, and being pipped to automatic promotion by them last time we were in the Championship is another.

    Obviously Cardiff have the Colin factor, so will be happy enough for either of those 2 to join Huddersfield and Fulham.
  • 1

    Barring a miracle run, I am going to assume Fulham and Huddersfield are gone, so won't be looking at them from now on.

    A bad weekend for Cardiff and Southampton, as they lost out, and had to watch Burnley, Palace and Newcastle all pick up wins. Brighton didn't play, and include Huddersfield, Cardiff and Southampton in the next 5 games, in what could be their season defining run.

    Apart from Brighton, all the other teams have a point per game ratio that would take them above 36.

  • Saints have got Fulham on Wednesday so that's 3 points, Cardiff at home to Everton tomorrow

    Time for the Toffees to remember where the big stringy thing is...
  • Huddersfield and Fulham are definitely gone.

    Next 4 weeks will determine the majority of teams fate with a few 6 pointers.
  • If it was up to me, I'd like Southampton to go. Southampton are a team that had such an excellent model 5 years ago and they've managed to completely mess it up and now they just seem to be a bit of a pointless club.

    I don't like Warnock, but I think Cardiff have handled this season pretty well given the various incidents they've been involved in.

    Newcastle just signed Almiron from Atlanta, and I have a friend who is a huge fan of Atlanta and Almiron and I know they'll be following with interest so I hope he does well.

    I know lots of people don't like them, but I like Burnley, and the fact they have a predominantely British workmanlike squad is a bit of a novelty that I like.

    I like Chris Hughton and Brighton are very non offensive to me.

    And Palace... I mean... I really don't like Zaha very much, but otherwise I don't have a problem with them either. I like Roy, I like Tomkins, I only know one Palace fan personally and he's a nice guy so I don't mind them.
  • Save your team. Make Alderz your friend.
  • Don't make him tetchy!

    You won't like him when he's tetchy!
  • Tcheky (Julien Baptiste) you say ;nonono
  • I think Alderz nailed why I dislike Southampton. Plus they were media darlings. We used to say "can we be as successful as Southampton & Swansea?" The answer, I am delighted to say, is no, we can be way more successful than them ;lol
  • I'd be happy to see any relegations that reduce the number of clacky-clackers in the Premier League.
  • Well Huddersfield and Fulham are going, Southampton are teetering leaving Leicester and Burnley to carry on clacking.
  • There's always next season ;biggrin

  • Teams with goal music should be instantly relegated or sent to the NHL
  • Only exception to Ham's rule is if they play the Wallace & Gromit theme after a goal
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