Chelsea (H) - 23 Sept 18 1:30pm ko - Match Thread

So that Everton result...... you are welcome.

Those West London Russian’s are up next.

Please place your blue flags here.

I’d start with the team that started today, except I’d swap Arthur for Cressa.


  • Yes same team for me too unless arnie is injured
  • Hopefully Arnie is not injured.
  • Home win. We have three players up front who actually look like footballers. With Rice and Obiang we also have some legs in midfield. 3--1 ;wahoo
  • I’m going for a cautious 2-1 as long as Arnie is fit. No changes for me other than Little Pea on the bench if he is well.
  • A Little Pea on the bench would suggest bladder problems..........................
  • I will be in Charleston, West Virginia, K.O. is 8:30am local time and I can't find a bat that opens before 11am.

    I'd be happy with a point.
  • Aslef , Almost Heaven - West Virginia ! (should that have read bar and pint ?)
  • Same XI as before...injuries permitted
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    At least Chelsea have Europa League on the Thursday before and Liverpool twice straight in 4 days after us . It would be very unfortunate if they picked up any injuries or were tired when they play us :wink:
    DJ HammerSuzanneClaret
  • I think we’re more than capable of beating the top teams we’ve proved it so why not start with Chelsea
  • One swallow and all that.

    Good performance yesterday but back to reality next weekend I reckon.

  • What is YeOld doing using OCS's account? ;lol
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    Assuming Arnie did his usual 'hobble off' move & is fit to play, then I think it's hard to make any changes. Still would consider Ogbonna for Balbuena but it's hard to change a winning side & we have been making 3-6 changes to the line-up every week this season. Would be good to name an unchanged side.
  • Almost a couple of free hits coming up so yeah, stick with the same eleven so they get used to playing together so we're in a good rhythm going into the more winnable games against Brighton and Spurs ;ok
  • Ref: Mike Dean.
  • MrsG, couldn't you have let us be euphoric for a few days more? ;weep
  • Oh I don't know Bubbles, I always enjoy the MIke Dean show.
    It's all about me, it's all about me. Hmm must think of a catchy tune for that. ;hmm
  • Never a dull moment with Mike Dean as ref, but IMO there are plenty worse than him, pls don't let this comment come back & bite me!.
  • That's not a ringing endorsement jay, now is it? ;whistle
  • Quite surprised to see that tickets for this are on general sale.
  • Must be all of those St holders not able to go ;whistle
  • Can't help but feel that unless we sit deep we are going to struggle to contain them with our back four. Perhaps if we really go out with an aggressive defensive approach & get right in their faces we could get some joy but the form Hazard is on makes this game very tough. Take him out of their side & I think it would be a lot closer but if he is at it again it could be quite a comfortable win for them. Plus Giroud tends to always score against us.

    Play on the break & hope the front three can click as they did on Sunday. Zabaleta is going to need help from Obiang or Rice (possibly stick Rice on Hazard like we did with him & Sigurdsson). A draw would be superb.
  • Moojor said:

    Quite surprised to see that tickets for this are on general sale.

    Now let me think , do I want to pay £77.00 for a good seat plus £27.00 train fare and commit 7 hours out of my day or shall I watch it live on SKY ?

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    But you don't get the "atmosphere" watching it on Sky, plus you miss out on the instant replays of fouls, goals etc. -- oh, wait a minute. ;hmm
  • I’m really looking forward to my bus replacement on my train service this week it really adds to the day spending 40 mins on a bus instead of a 10 min train journey (yes I know they have to do the work sometime)
  • Merson has us down for 3-1 loss
  • Hazard is being rested for the Europa League match tonight.
  • Chelsea are taking us seriously then
  • Chelsea have named quite a strong side. 3 of their usual back 5 are playing, their midfield is the same that started the season & Pedro, Morata & Willian all start too. Only Luiz, Azpilicueta & Hazard have been rested.
  • It is obvious that they have significant strength in depth so it was never going to be an easy game for us, however, I am counting our blessings that Hazard is being rested as he has looked at the top of his game lately and is simply frightening.
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