Carabao Cup Thread - H draw v Spurs in next round Weds 31 Oct

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This is my second match thread. The first time didn’t exactly go too well. It was against Man City...and we lost 4-1.

But this is against AFC Wimbledon and hopefully we’ll put in a good performance with a confidence boosting win. I think Yarmolemko should be given his first start of the season, for sure.

I’m expecting a Di Canio-esque volley from Anderson and a Vinnie Jones-esque red card from an opposition player.


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    Fredericks - Diop - Rice - Cresswell
    Obiang - Sanchez
    Yarmolenko - Snodgrass
    Perez - Hernandez

    Fabianski, Balbuena, Masuaku, Cullen, Noble, Anderson, Antonio
  • See pellegrini ringing some hes done it in the league so why wouldnt he for a far less important game

    Personally id like to see Rice in for Balbeuna, and if fit Yarmolenko & Cresswell in for Sndograss & Masuaku who are big weak areas atm

    I like Anderson in the #10 position behind Arnie but feel like Pellgrini will want to play Hernandez

    Feel Adrian will probably start in the cups, likewise Zabaleta, although id stick with Fab personally

    Fredericks Diop Rice Cressy
    Sanchez Noble
    Yarmolenko Arnie Anderson
  • Lukerz said:

    Fredericks - Diop - Rice - Cresswell
    Obiang - Sanchez
    Yarmolenko - Snodgrass
    Perez - Hernandez

    Fabianski, Balbuena, Masuaku, Cullen, Noble, Anderson, Antonio

    Yeah happy with that
  • ;hmm Resting Arnautovic?
  • The one snag I can see with Lukerz’ line up is what happens if it yields us a 5-0 win (in terms of team selection for the wolves game)? ;lol
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    MrsGrey said:

    ;hmm Resting Arnautovic?

    Arnie might be injured, no? Even if he’s not, I’d prefer to rest him if there was an increased chance of injury to him (since the game is so soon after the last one and he was taken off).
  • Tuesday ;nonono

    I've just realised it clashes with #GBBO
  • Clashes with our NCT class.

    I know which one I should spend my evening doing, but it is a chance to watch West Ham win a game ;hmm
  • If Hernandez was 21 and called Smith - he would be lucky to find a club that wanted to loan him in league two.
  • So why is that ibl?
  • Antonio probably out injured so rest Anderson and Snoddy.

    Give Adrian a run out along with Zabaletta, Rice, Cresswell, Yarmalenko, Obiang and
    Perez. Give Diop another start to settle in.

    If Arnie's okay then start with Hernandez up front as well, if not save Hernandez for Wolves.
  • Will it be televised anywhere?
  • Its on Sky (and I'm working, naturally).
  • There manager as said he thinks we’ve got a great squad and world class manager and despite our start expects us to come good this season, he says if we not on our game there could be a cup shock, I know we ain’t started well but if we won surely that wouldn’t be that much of a shock lol
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    Solid side Wimbledon. You imagine with the start we have had there could be a shock on.
  • Wimbledon have lost their last 2 home games 3-1 & 2-1 to Walsall & Sunderland respectively

    You just know they are due a win.....
  • 4-0 easy.
  • Match day ;wahoo
  • Work day ;wahoo

    Oh, wait ;weep
  • Adrain

    The rest Dave can sort out.
  • Just arrived in Italy and the hotel doesn’t have sky. Will have to follow your comments will miss the Wolves game too, but it’s worth it ;wink
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    Epsom, you don't have a computer with you? Must be on a romantic trip then. ;wink
  • IronHerb said:

    4-0 easy.

    I'm not so sure about that. We've only been averaging three against this season so far.

  • is a holiday covering our anniversary but not so romantic that I can’t keep up with the game ;wink
  • lol - watching football IS my idea of romance ;biggrin
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    Apparently, 19 1/2 years ago, Paolo Di Canio and Marc Vivian Foe made their debuts away to Wimbledon.


  • Foé ;bowdown ;weep
  • Now I feel old ! I actually remember being there for Frankie Mac's debut which makes me feel even older, might have been Mark Wards also?
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