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World Cup Last 16 and onwards (excluding England matches)



  • There were 40000 Peruvian fans there, who must have travelled God knows who many thousand miles to get there and only 700 Denmark fans, who only had to travel virtually next door.
  • MrsGrey said:

    More football ;wahoo Is anyone else having trouble fitting all their chores into the halftime and between-match gaps?

    We timed my birthday meal out so we missed as little football as possible ;biggrin
  • Sounds more like a Brunch. ;biggrin
  • I didn’t know Croatia were managed by Roger federer...
  • I didn’t know Croatia were managed by Roger federer...

    And Brian Eno playing in defence ;hmm
  • Another rubbish game.
  • Nigeria are terrible.
  • Can you imagine what a 48 team World Cup will be like! ;doh
  • I'm not sure I could watch a 48 team World Cup.
  • Apart from the Spain v Portugal game, this World Cup has been absolute garbage.
  • Wow Argentine 1-1 Iceland

    Even we can beat Iceland
    Even we can score more than one against Iceland

    Mums gone to Iceland ;whistle
  • I've enjoyed this WC more than I expected. There has been more attacking play than usual (remember some dire 'play for the point' stuff in previous WCs) and it's a pleasure to see corners taken without shoving & holding going on. VAR has improved things too: 'little league' refs can't mess up matches as much now, and the decisions have been pretty fast and fair. The atrocious defending and missed goals also add to the fun (I've had to explain to the wife what muppet, and several other adjectives, mean) and high drama in several games already. And I catch up on sleep in the boring games. ;ok
  • I’m with Preston. Sadly I was at work so missed Spain v Portugal

    In terms of yesterday’s offerings, aside from the period when Peru were trying to attack once they went behind and a few moments when Iceland looked to try and score, it was emminently forgettable and I feel like I’ve been cheated out of 8 hours of my life.
  • I’m with Kuching on this World Cup so far, but I do understand how you’re feeling barracks ;ok
  • Looks like Chico will be leading the line for Mexico ;barrera
  • ;barrera ;wahoo
  • Good to see the kid getting some playing time at last ;whistle
  • Come on Mexico ;barrera

  • Yeh come on Mexico & Little Pea ;barrera
  • ;wahoo
  • what a ball from Little pea ;wahoo
  • Finally another good game...

    Viva Mexico.....
  • The second decent game of the tournament.
  • That Chicharito could do well in the prem, if he was played in position.
  • Agreed, Mexico playing the counterattack game really well, they are fired up for this and or not allowing themselves to be dominated by Germany’s reputation.

    I was not sure about Chico up top on his own, but he has shown that given support he can be really effective, some good runs and give and go passes.
  • If he was played at all.
  • Yep, and you have to remember that West Ham have previous in that they didn't want to play Mascherano and Tevez. ;hmm
  • Mexico now being pinned back in defense, got to hand it to them the Germans are doing what they do best.
  • Giant

    Mascherano didn't want to play for us.

    He was kept out of the team on form by Hayden Mullins.

    Can't remember seeing anyone look less bothered than him.
  • Mmm, Mexico.
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