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World Cup Last 16 and onwards (excluding England matches)



  • this ref is ridiculous, blowing for every time a french player falls over.
  • I’m enjoying this game. Aussies are getting stuck in, and the French are taking a while to get going.
  • Come on Aus ;wahoo
  • France have been poor, Pogba is awful (again). If there's no score after an hour I reckon they'll bring on Giroud
  • edited June 2018
    These French players do like a lay down don’t they, poor little popettes must be very tired from all that injury feigning.

    I’m of the opinion, that kind of ‘simulation’ is deserving of a yellow card.
  • The refs given a pen to France AFTER watching VAR ;nonono

  • edited June 2018
    Well dodgy
  • Pen to Aus... hand ball by France.

    But he’s still checking VAR.

    Come on Aus.
  • edited June 2018
    What on earth just happened? He definitely touched the ball.

    Edit: haha, I’m talking about the first penalty!
  • edited June 2018
    Now that's comedy
  • VAR is a joke.
  • I thought the VAR was right, personally. None of the angles convinced me he touched the ball.
  • First, I'm not sure the Aus player did get the ball, and second, you often see refs give free kicks after a tackle, even where the player got the ball.

    For me, the key thing is the ref got to take a look, and decide if he had made the right decision, so VAR worked as intended.
  • edited June 2018
    Oh I thought that it showed that it did Ald ;lol
  • The French right back is a fraud
  • The French right back plays at centre back for Stuttgart
  • The French right back is a fraud

    And that was posted before that ridiculous attempt at a shot of his
  • Yeah, that looks like a centre back's shot
  • The French right back is a fraud

    Oh, I thought he was Claude ;yercoat
  • True Grey, it’s worked as intended even if I think the ref didn’t see something I thought I did ;ok
  • edited June 2018

    I re-wound my tv footage multiple times to check the Australian touches the ball and I’m sure he did. And a slowed down the footage by holding down the play button. #DIY-VAR


    That was the only issue for me, whether the ‘trip’ after the tackle was enough to give a penalty. But imo the ‘trip’ was part of the original tackle.
  • Oh no France have scored ;weep
  • I wonder how much the ref has got on France to win this one ;puzzled
  • Suze


    When you see how often people disagree, even after umpteen replays, it's always going to end up with some people disagreeing with a decision.
  • Adam. DIY VAR ;lol
  • He’s not had the greatest of games Expat but all goal / penalty decisions have been checked with VAR, I think he should have dealt with the play acting better.
  • I've not been watching all of it, just popping in and out between gardening chores, but the French will probably win it with luck like that ;angry
  • Something like the pen. will still always divide opinion because it's a judgement call rather than a matter of fact like an offside.
  • not a good day to be an Aussie, losing in the Rugby, the football and not looking great so far in the Cricket !
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