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World Cup Last 16 and onwards (excluding England matches)



  • Looks like Lego !
    Egypt holding their own so far in a tight game after 35 mins...
  • Keown showing that he hasn't bothered doing any prep before this gig with his comments about offsides. If I was the producer I'd dock 10 percent off his fee.
  • Uruguay were getting lots of praise prior to the tournament

    Have to say i'm very unimpressed
  • edited June 15
    Do I gather BBC have very much their C team on this game.... ;lol
  • Tbf this game doesnt deserve the C team

    Its been quite awful

    Uruguay awful, no imagimation

    Egypt probably happy with a point given Salah is still missing
  • Neither team can cross a ball.

    Neither team have any real quality in the final third to create a chance.

  • edited June 15
    Shame but glad as I was thinking of taking a half to watch it...

    In other news London Underground take note, the Moscow Tube is showing the games....

    Aslef get on it mate....

  • This game just highlights the problem with a lot of international team, there isnt much balance

    Uruguay started with 4 central midfielders, then brought on 2 more to change the game....they need wingers but if there arent any around there isnt much you can do about it

    Cavani hits the post from a cracking freekick

  • And there you go

    First bit of quality on the delivery

    Thats all you need

    1-0 Uruguay
  • If Salah was fit I think it was a mistake not to play him. they could have beaten Uruguay and done a lot to secure progress in to the next round.
  • Talking about the elongated stands. You're so far away from the action, you wouldn't need binoculars, you'd need a telescope.
  • Rodrigo Betancur - no 6 for Uruguay. A very classy player imo.
    Sign him up !
  • This is quite entertaining. Scenes and chaotic moments. ;wahoo
  • its weird all of the countries so far look technically good on the ball, but the passing and crossing of the ball has being shocking, its the one thing i think European teams in general are good at is passing.
  • Both Iran and Morocco look better than Saudi Arabia or Russia. Championship rather than Div 2 or Div 1.
  • I think I have jinxed it.
  • Expect 15 to 20 minutes of injury time. They do like a lay down every few minutes.
  • Oh dear me, it's like watching the weebles play a subbuteo side. ;doh
  • edited June 15
    ;handbag and all at the end.
    Tonight's game should be the best so far, or have I jinxed it ;run
    And Iran steal it at the end...
  • All academic as neither are going through.
  • Fabulous finish by Costa ;clap

    Por 1-1 Spn
  • It’s a good game this.
  • This is more like it!
  • Second goal for Ronaldo.

    Taxi for DeGea ;doh
  • Is he Greeno in disguise?
  • Maybe he's concussed ;whistle
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