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The 'Couldn't think where to put this' thread part 2 or 'does my comment merit a NEW THREAD?'



  • Newly promoted Team GB have just caused a nice upset at the opening game of Group A in the Ice Hockey World Cup, beating freshly relegated and highly favoured Slovenia 3-1.
  • From this article

    James Collins - Rating: 73. West Ham have not had a vintage season, but the 34-year-old centre-back proves his value when fit. The Hammers win 34% of games he plays compared to 19% when he is sidelined.
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    I see Kane's claimed another one....
  • Dare I say it, I doubt today’s events in Korea would have happened if there was a Hillary Clinton administration ;hmm
  • Newly promoted Team GB have just caused a nice upset at the opening game of Group A in the Ice Hockey World Cup, beating freshly relegated and highly favoured Slovenia 3-1.

    Havin beaten Poland and Italy in the last two games Team GB are now in pole position going into the last two games. If they get a point from their last match against Hungary tonight they will be promoted to the elite group and play the likes of USA, Canada and Sweden next year.
  • And to think they could have bought Wembley and had around £100m-£200m left over.
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    I see we are the second worst sufferers with long term injuries this season behind Watford.
  • That is a league we are near the top of.... The west ham way...
  • Yeold,

    As long as someone stops Tranmere. ;pray
  • Anyone else going to be watching the Bellew-Haye fight this evening?

    Bellew really bugs me, he talks such a lot of rubbish, whether he's commenting on other fights or his own (so not just trash talk). They just played an interview from earlier today, and he said that Haye was in great shape in the last fight. Yeah, until his achilles snapped, then he had one leg and Bellew still struggled to beat him.
  • Haye's leg went again. His body is not up to boxing, he should just give it up.
  • Just Lawro being Lawro.

    Predicted Liverpool to go unbeaten. Pretty sure he did the same last season ;hmm

    Anyway. Twonk.

  • There was an article on f365 that Lawro had predicted Liverpool not to lose to last two years so according to him they are on unbeaten 90 game run and won the league last year ;lol
  • In the German 2nd tier there are 18 teams and 3 get relegated. Tomorrow is their last matchday of the season and pretty much anybody from 12th down can still be relegated with positions 17 and 16 currently both on 39 points. So mathmatically, there could be 2 teams going down with 40+ points!
  • Tomorrow brings the final of the vanarama southern division play off, between Hampton and Richmond V Braintree town (the Iron), winner enjoys Vanarama premiership next year and gateway to the football league.
    Come on you Iron. ;scarf
  • Bet Boreham Wood are feeling sick tonight played against ten men from the first minute and still failed to beat Tranmere, more's the pity, to get promoted into the Football League.
  • Munich

    I had hoped fore something similar in the PL,, (not involving us) but instead tomorrow's games are a bit of a damp squib.
  • Nuremburg just lost the title from being 2-0 up against Düsseldorf in 2nd. Ddorf scored their winner in the 91st minute.

    But what do you expect from Nuremburg? They managed to get relegated as reigning champions AND again as reigning cup winners.
  • You're getting all the drama, Munich.
  • You're getting all the drama, Munich.

    And West Ham United’s season wasn’t ;hmm

  • Not today, it wasn't.
  • A good finish to the season without a doubt.
  • I just spotted that Kaiserslautern have been relegated from 2. Bundesliga, I remember when they were big in the 90s and played in Europe on a regular basis. How the mighty are fallen......
  • Munich,I can remember the Hammers winning the European Cup Winners cup at Wembley in 1965 as I was there. Can you confirm that they are now, not even in the
    top three leagues. Think they are having big financial problems.
  • 1860 were relegated from the second tier at the end of last season but they couldn't/wouldn't pay the fees to play in the third tier so were sent down to the fourth tier which is made up of five regional leagues.

    They won the Bavarian Regionalliga this season which gets them into the playoffs from promotion to the third tier which involves 6 teams, don't ask me how they work that out. First round against Saarbrucken from the Sudwest Regionalliga
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