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Transfer Director Tony Henry (suspended) dismissed by club



  • edited March 2018
    Mrs Grey
    As OCS posted, Sully has himself boasted about players he personally has scouted.
    Although contradicted by Slaven, he claimed that Lanzini was one of 'his', as well as Callieri and others.He used Barry Silkman I believe to 'scout' for him.
    Whilst what Tony Henry did was not defendable and stupid, this makes me feel even more so that Sully had some input, and I personally cannot believe that Tony Henry would have made those remarks on his own unless he had discussed it with club hierarchy at the time. After all, it was Sully who was paying the wages at the time to Sakho.
    This statement in the accounts jars with the impression that we were given at the time that Sully had nothing to do with either scouting or player recruitment.
    I think that he was probably front and centre of things, and that Tony Henry went under the bus.
    The can had been kicked down the road on this, but its interesting to revisit history, and to be careful about believing board statements as presented.
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    Yes, although erm, aren't you tending to believe Sully when he claims about who he has personally scouted? And disregard others (Slaven) who contradict him?

    And if he used Silkman to 'scout' for him, as you claim, then he's not really scouting, is he. Which is consistent with the official version that DS doesn't scout, but that others bring recommendations to him and he selects (along with the manager)? So really he's just bigging up that he picked Lanzini from a list that others scouted for him?

    Anyway, I am just pointing out where I see no contradiction. And so far, you haven't convinced me that there is one. Especially since we can't be sure what is mean by 'scouted' or 'player recruitment'. From the examples we have, the terms are clearly not being used to mean the same thing by everybody all the time. (Yourself included!)

    As for not believing that TH could say those things on his own... well, I have no trouble believing it.
  • Mrs Grey
    I make a point of never believing Sully in his wild and boastful claims. I do believe that he makes them though, I have seen them in print.
    My point is that he is/was absolutely involved in all aspects of player recruitment- backed up by these accounts, which was denied at the time of the Tony Henry affair only a month or so ago.
  • These owners make me laugh
    If they learned to shut there mouths they would give us nothing to debate about
  • Oh I disagree, if they said absolutely nothing fans would complain that we never hear from the owners...
  • Owners of other clubs don't make as much noise as ours but I don't hear those fans complaining that they never hear from the board
  • Arsenal fans fam..... init.
  • Blackpool, Charlton, Sunderland, Newcastle.....
  • edited July 2018

    Tony Henry banned. Vaguely transfer related.

    He has been suspended from all football-related activity [for a year] after admitting an FA misconduct charge.
  • Oh I disagree, if they said absolutely nothing fans would complain that we never hear from the owners...

    orwould believe something the press made up about what the owners are supposed to have said

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