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Big Names and Big Reputations

Posted on the Watford match thread, but really should have started a new one.


  • edited November 2017
    One thing I have been wondering about.... Moyes said after that the match that he expected more from the players with 'big names' and 'big reputations'.

    I think he could only mean Hart, Carroll ... maybe Lanzini? Zabaleta?

    But I wouldn't say anybody else was a big name in football or had a 'big reputation' beyond West Ham fans, really.

    Maybe Arnie, because he was a record signing.

    But that's it really, imo. (I know it will depend how you define the terms.)
  • I think that is about it, there is Chico of course but couldn't have been referring to him at Watford.
  • For 25 or whatever million it was I expect a lot more from Arnie, people say it was a improved performance but if that was as good as it gets it’s wasted money in my eyes
  • Although the only 2 of our starting line up not to have represented their national countries at full level are Noble & Obiang...
    But I'd agree , perhaps he meant more experienced ....
  • To me the players are a bit like, different sizes of Lego
    Just not going to together why
    On paper at the start of season , most teams would park the bus against us
    Saying that, if any of them see pre season,,, the fitness, lol
    But then I am not a top coach,,, like ?
  • MrsGrey

    I interpreted it differently.

    I took it to mean experienced premier league players. I don't think any of our players have a significant reputation in world football, so it is more within the context of the team, or the bottom half of the Premier League.

    He could have also been talking about the reputation among other managers. He might have spoken with Sam or with Slaven and been told that Kouyate is great, for example.

    The players I thought he might have meant were Hart, Noble, Kouyate & Carroll
  • Hart, Zabaleta, Arnautovic, Lanzini and Carroll were the ones I immediately thought. But like alderz says he could've meant a variety of people in the context of the team, like Cresswell, Nobes and Kouyate, for example.
  • ald/lukerz ;ok

    He could have meant that, certainly when referring to 'reputations'. Which is perhaps more of a 'local' thing.

    ;llama Nee
  • He probably meant Haksabanovic ;run
  • edited November 2017
    He should be saying it about the whole squad rather than so called "big players" no one has pulled up trees so far.
  • He’s called them out publicly but kept it vague for a reason, imo. If he comes out and says Andy Carroll then people say what about Kouyate. I’m sure he’s lost it with them in private too
  • I hope he doesn't apply that remark to his own recent managerial performances... ;hmm
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