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Swansea (Home) - 30th September 3pm (match thread)

As no one's done it...

Beaten by a couple of goals from the most uncharismatic human on earth and Eriksen, we still managed to show a bit of fight against Spurs, after ending our slide over the previous two games.

So where do we go now? Home to Swansea is probably one of those games we'll need to pick up points from before we fall back into a panic.

Where will Hernandez play? We haven't seen him at wing back or as a holding mid yet. Will Arnie show his worth?

How many players are in the hospital for this game?


  • Carroll has a good record against Swansea so I fully expect him to be starting. I think we'll see:

    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Zaba Noble Kouyate Cresswell
    Hernandez Carroll Arnautovic

    Personally, I'd have Masuaku and Ayew in for Cresswell and Carroll. Hopefully Lanzini will feature in this one, too.

    This is the first of four huge games for SB. This run could determine his future as West Ham manager.
  • Home win. ;thumbsup
  • I lost my thread rights to spurs ;weep
  • I have never been more confident of a West Ham victory. I also feel we might lose this.

  • I would like to see:

    Hart; Fonte Reid Ogbonna; Zabaleta Kouyate Obiang/Lanzini (if either are fit) Cresswell; Arnautovic Masuaku; Hernandez

    I suspect we will see

    Hart; Fonte Reid Ogbonna; Zabaleta Kouyate Noble Cresswell; Hernandez Arnautovic; Carroll
  • Home win ;wahoo
  • MrsGrey said:

    Home win. ;thumbsup

    Home win ;wahoo

    Home win ;wahoo
  • I liked our shape before the Antonio injury, so would start Ayew with AC on the bench.

    Lanzini would be a Brucy bonus on the bench.
  • We absolutely must start with Ayew and Carroll because Swansea have an Ayew (Jordan) and a Carroll (Tom) which is going to drive the commentators barmy.
  • This will be my first missed game of the season as I'm being dragged to a wedding of a couple where I've never met the groom and only seen the bride twice in 15 years.
    Note: Must check with wife that it's not one of our daughters! ;biggrin

    I think it will be much the same starting X1 with, I hope, Sakho in for Antonio although I suspect it will be Ayew.

    How win. COYI
  • "How win? Score heap more goal."

    - Jack Hargreaves

  • Hart
    Fonte - Reid - Ogbonna
    Byram - Noble - Kouyate - Masuaku
    Ayew - Arnautovic
  • Luke is Zab injured??
  • Rice for Noble.
  • edited September 2017
    IH, and Jay...

    I've hived off the discussion you started about Noble's performance at Swansea, and whether he or Rice should be a starter, as I think it goes wider than just the Swansea match thread. (We had a Noble thread last season, and it seems to generate a lot of interest and debate, which I think deserves its own space ;ok )
  • 10 points from next 4 games. This is a must win. 14 points from 9 games has got to be the target to salvage the season..
  • It is now becoming the normal story - Bilic is under pressure and needs a win. Wel, we all want to taste a victory. Given the flak that Bilic got for bringing Carroll on after The Antonio injury I think would heed that as he needs to get fans onside and would probably leave Carroll on the bench. Antonio is still out, Obiang probably too and Lanzini probably isn't match fit. Arnautovic has been disappointing but probably still learning the Bilic way and so likely to get another chance though I would have preferred to see young Holland given a run.

    I expect we would see this starting line-up with the front three rotating their position.

    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Zabaleta Noble Kouyate Masuaku
    Sakho Hernndez Arnautovic

  • I'd like to see Sakho but can't see him playing ahead of Carroll Bilic hasn't really shown any faith in Sakho in the league for some reason he could arguably be our most complete player of the 3 of em

    What I think we'll see

    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Zaba Noble Kouyate Cressy
    Hernandez Carroll Arnie

    I'd prefer Masuaka for Cresswell who imo is a better offensive option and straight up better Wing back that Cresswell

    I'd like to see Sakho for Carroll think he will work the channels better and do the dirtier work which Hernandez does when partnering Carroll

    Gives us more pace up front as well that we lack without Antonio
  • The Mirror says that both Lanzini will be fit enough to be on the bench and that Antonio will also be available. Fingers crossed
  • If Bilic listened to the fans then I'm not sure he is, or I would want him to be, the right man for the job.
  • edited September 2017
    Got some tickets for this in a Barclays Premier Rewards prize draw! The train will cost me £100 but as the tickets are free it would be rude not to go. My first visit to the new stadium. ;wahoo

    Any tips for travelling, places to eat etc appreciated. Its years since I regularly frequented Stratford.

    Both teams seem to have been struggling so far so not expecting a classic but really looking forward to the whole experience. I hope we can end the day with 3 pts. ;scarf
  • Since moving to WB, Cresswell has averaged 15.7 crosses per match.
    He has made 58 crosses, the highest tally. (Next is Ben Davies on 35) He has also got the best record on corners.

    (info extracted from FPL preview ;biggrin )
  • MrsGrey said:

    Since moving to WB, Cresswell has averaged 15.7 crosses per match.
    He has made 58 crosses, the highest tally

    I wonder how many of them have reached their intended target ;hmm
  • edited September 2017
    Wait, I know this.....

    Oh, no. ;hmm

    The article I was reading doesn't say explicitly. It says that his crosses have created 9 'chances' (2nd highest in the league) which I infer means they have found a target. But I could be wrong. And his corners have found a team-mate 6 times (out of 16) - both figures are the highest in the league (for defenders).

    Lemme go check the other stats, see if I can find info on his crossing.

    Edit, PL stat site says crossing accuracy 22% for this season so far. (18 % last season, 26 % the season before that.)
  • This is like having an office junior ;biggrin

    Let's see...

    White, two sugars...
  • ;lol




    Everybody available except Obiang. (Not necessarily all Ok to start, but still .... )
  • Doubt Lanzini will start he hasn't played football for months

    Antonio might be risked but I think with Carroll, Hernandez, Arnautovic, Ayew and Sakho 100% fot he probably won't start

    Bench should look pretty good

    Fonte Reid Ogbonna
    Zaba Noble Kouyate Cresswell
    Hernandez Carroll Arnautovic

    Bench: Adrian, Byram, Masuaka, Antonio, Lanzini, Ayew, Sakho
  • 6 pointer already same old West Ham coyi
  • Lawro says 2-0
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