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The Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2017/18 - sackings etc at other clubs - Zidane going/gone



  • Apparently, he was sounded out last week, but wasn't interested.
  • I can't see them getting many points for the next 4 games....
  • If they were going to bring him in then why not before the window closed? Palaces squad is pretty weak and really screwed if Zaha and Benteke injured. Only really have 2 forwards at the club-Benteke and Wickham (currently injured). I think palace will probably be ok towards the end of the season but these next few months will be difficult. Big game at the weekend vs Southampton.
  • Makes you wonder about those reports that the Board had no confidence in de Boer 2 wees ago.

    So, erm, what were they waiting for then? And what happened to destroy their faith so comprehensively just a few weeks after he appointed him?
  • It seems crazy to me that they seemingly gave up hope with him after a meeting on the 28th August and thereby started looking for an immediate successor, eventually committing to the sacking on the 11th September. As he was hired on the 26th June, this means that after only 8 weeks after hiring him they wanted him out.

    What interview process do they do when hiring a manager? Do they do any research on his history? How can you not spend countless hours and research into deciding who is the right fit for your multi million pound business/club? And if they did, how were they so wrong? Lots of comments in the rags that his training methods and formation/game plans were thought not right by the players and the owners. Surely their research showed what training methods he would use, and even I know that his history from Ajax and Barca as a player has led him to ALWAYS favour a 343 formation with high tempo and short passing at all the clubs he has managed. How can they not have known this? Poor ownership.
  • edited September 2017
    Couldn't organise a get together in a brewing establishment.

    Maybe the club wig shrunk in the wash and is a bit tight now....
  • As an aside I think Hodgson will be a good fit for them. I seemingly am one of the few on this site who thinks he's a pretty good manager. He has had great success with European teams, and did a great job when manager of Fulham and West Brom here. I feel if given better backing and more time he would have done a good job at Liverpool, and I struggle to judge any England manager as I believe there is serious control issues behind the scenes. My only worry for him is that at 70 has he still got that drive and ability to keep on top of things (see Wenger, A. amongst others).

    They have a sprinkling of quality players amongst some decent enough prem players so I feel Roy will keep them up.
  • He may well do Florin but I cant see him getting much from their next 4 games;

    H Saints
    H Huddersfeild (possibly a point)
    A Citeh
    A ManUtd
  • edited September 2017
    Aw gawd! Lot of pressure on that home game to Huddersfield, as I can't see them getting anything from those away games with the way ManC and ManU are playing, and the Southampton game may be too early for Roy to make his mark on the players. Genuinely so much pressure on that Huddersfield game especially if they get nothing from the Saints!
  • They could have only the one (or no) point(s) from their first 8 games... that's a lot to make up especially if those around them - us and Bournemouth - start pulling away.
  • They'll win the two home games imo.
  • The Huddersfield game is in the cup, I presume?

    I think after Saints they have City, United and Chelsea.
  • The Huddersfield game is in the cup, I presume?
    ;lol in that case I doubt they'll get a point.
  • Their 8th game (after the International break) is home to Chelsea.

    I think whatever they get out of Saints is what they'll have after 8 games.
  • Harry Rednapp sacked by Birmingham following another defeat.
  • So sacking Rowett when he was sitting just outside the play offs and replacing him with the hugely successful Zola and now this. It's really worked out rather well for them, hasn't it? ;doh
  • No... not one bit.
  • He wasn't the only one sacked today
  • What? Did they sack Hodgson already too? ;wahoo
  • His last interview....

  • I see Kevin Nolan's Notts County have made a good start to the season. Leyton Orient missed a trick there... ;whistle
  • I think Palace are done, zero points after 8 games and even though us and NUFC can be a bit generous when it comes to helping teams out who are on a bad run, they won't beat either of us.

    Hodgkin will make no difference imo although he might experiment with Benteke taking corners

    Brum/Harry......didn't he spend £15-16m in the summer? Which is a huge amount for them considering they've only spent £66m net since the PL started, and now he's saying many of his players aren't good enough

    Dear oh dear.......does he do the same at every club?
  • So how long till Carlo is linked to us then?
  • A couple more defeats should do it! ;whistle
  • edited September 2017
    Suzanne's number one choice ;lol

    Didn't he once say he would manage West Ham even if we were in the champo?

    Well if we get castled by Swansea at the weekend we could well be on that path ;lol
  • Been linked in the daily fail now which is in the BBC gossip section.
  • Just 2 minutes for Palace to concede... How long has Roy got?
  • after 2 minutes, about 88 more plus stoppage ;lol
  • Daily Mail claiming that Leicester have binned Craig Shakespeare...

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