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Joe Hart -(was 'signs - official' - we haven't signed him permanently.)



  • Great signing this.

  • BBC are reporting that there's no option to buy though ;hmm
  • Sky report there is an option to buy according to their sources, and £4.5m loan fee.

    Might want to keep the buy option quiet for obvious reasons.
  • Wow this signing come out of the blue....

    Hope there is an option to buy.
  • okay never really saw a need for him but now he is here I will surport him as I do all west ham players he is now part of our family so prove me wrong joe and a big welcome a clean sheet against man u would be a great start ;scarf ;scarf ;scarf
  • ;wahoo

    This is what I call a 'proper' signing. ;wahoo
  • ;wahoo ;wahoo
  • Whilst I fully respect other posters differIng views, I cannot for the life of me understand why every single West Ham fan doesn't feel genuine goosebumps at this signing. What a signing, well done to the Daves.
  • Man City are obviously trying to get shot of him so I personally dont think for a second they'd not want to include a buy option. Anyway, he's here for at least one season and welcome Joe Hart...

    No particular reason for posting the photo but its pretty captionable ;wink

  • if the deal is 4.5m loan with no buy option then its a stupid deal imo.
  • ;wahoo

    This is what I call a 'proper' signing. ;wahoo
    Me too mate. ;ok ;ok ;wahoo
  • if the deal is 4.5m loan with no buy option then its a stupid deal imo.

    Let's not worry about that stuff till crunch time, one year from now!!
  • edited July 2017
    BBC reporting NO option to buy, if we want him to stay we have to bid like any other club.

    I'm really really unhappy with that.
  • edited July 2017
    "Sky Sports News understands City will fund part of the England international's wages and that West Ham have the option of making the move permanent next summer. West Ham will also pay a £4.5m loan fee to City" ;hmm
  • Wonder who we'll have in goal against Man City ;hmm
  • whichever one of Adrian or Randolph is here
  • Not sure but the clever money is on 5+ goals conceded ;whistle
  • edited July 2017
    Maybe our No. 3 keeper could go on loan, and come back next summer when Hart, having used us as a stepping stone, is off to a bigger club.
  • edited July 2017
    So we only have 9 more places in the side for ex Man City players now... Things are hotting up...

    Iheanacho ;weep He's taking a long time to finalize a move to Leicester ;hmm
  • ;wahoo

    This is what I call a 'proper' signing. ;wahoo
    Me too mate. ;ok ;ok ;wahoo
    So, "I love Allardyce", who would you like to see the club bring in next?
  • Some quite specific details reported in the Grauniad

    The deal will cost West Ham £4.5m in total with the goalkeeper set to earn £2.5m in salary from the London club, who will also pay City a loan fee of £2m. That £2m will go to the goalkeeper to make up the shortfall in his weekly wage. This means that West Ham are able to keep their current wage structure.
  • MrsGrey said:

    BBC reporting NO option to buy, if we want him to stay we have to bid like any other club.

    I'm really really unhappy with that.

    Think this is a bit of an irrelevance.

    With an option to buy we decide to take it up, Joe doesn't fancy it, rejects the offer, other clubs come into play.

    Equally, if he has a poor year, we may feel there is a better GK out there for a better financial outlay.

    If we want him and he wants us, we'll bid and he'll sign regardless of the option.
  • I wouldn't want him to sign for us next summer because he had no other choice, anyway.

    If he has no other choice, he's probably had a poor season, in which case we move on.

    And I only want him if he wants us, anyway.
  • Welcome Joe, and good luck mate. ;clap
  • Luke, I was basing my comment on the assumption that an option to buy usually means terms have been pre-agreed between all parties, and the choice is entirely up to the club (us). Which seems to be the standard way such contracts are negotiated.

    Luke/Jorderz -I know it is all a bit 'ifs and buts' but I just feel that next summer, at the end of the loan period, we will have weakened the squad, as we will have only a back-up GK.

    Yes, he may decide to sign after a brilliant season and we'll all be laughing.

    But bearing in mind the info I posted about his wages, I can't see it. He'll be off, if he has a good season.

    Let's hope his contribution this season is worth the inevitable problems that we will face next summer. ;pray
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