Summer 2017 Transfer Speculation

OK. January has been and gone and now the Summer Window approaches.
Poor Summer Window last year so this one needs to be a big improvement.
RB and Striker are still the main targets but no more than 5 new players for me.


  • Lacezette talking up leaving Lyon in the summer ;hmm
  • I think he'll be out of our league without any European football tbh. I think what's more likely is him going to one of the big teams and one of them selling on their squad players.

    I can see the likes of Batshuayi, Giroud, Sturridge, Iheanacho being available in the summer tbh.
  • Let's not even go there with Lacazette - there'd be a very long queue and we'd be near the back of it

    And I would imagine the bidding would start at £50m
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    Reckon City are more likely to flog Aguero and keep Iheanacho.
  • Possibly.

    I would imagine Aguero & Jesus will be there main two and Iheanacho won't get a look in for the rest of the season. Think he'll go out on loan in the summer.
  • a Few players from teams potentially going down I would take a look at.
  • Yeold ;ok

    Sigurdsson, Robertson, Tomkins ;ok
  • I would love Tomkins back, he is the best RB we've had at the club for ages......

    Sigurdsson yes please.

  • The LB from Hull Vorse ;ok I think he's quality
  • Traore (if its even possible to get him with Chelsea looking)
    Vardy (probably not a popular choice but I think on a reasonable deal would be another good option imo)
  • Hull left back. Very good player. We wanted him in the summer but he was too expensive.

    Priority remains right back and striker, in that order.
  • Shouldn't this now be Summer 2017 Transfer Speculation?

    I'll open a new thread.

  • Alderz / OCS - But we have Masuaku... ;whistle
  • I agree on keeping the number of changes low. Too much change causes disruptions (typically) ;ok

    These players are out of contract in the summer:

    Alvaro Arbeloa (RB)
    Gokhan Tore (FW)
    Jonathan Calleri (ST)

    None of these are players that trouble the first team squad, so I don't think we need to be looking at new players to specifically replace them.

    We also have a few players out on loan who you might expect to bolster the squad for next season:

    Reece Burke (DC)
    Reece Oxford (DC)
    Josh Cullen (MC)
    Enner Valencia (FW)
  • I want to end every transfer window with two strong players for every position. At the moment we have the below:

    GK – Randy/Adrian
    RB – Byram
    LB – Cresswell/Masuaku
    RCB – Fonte/Collins
    LCB - Reid/Ogbonna
    RCM – Noble/Kouyate
    LCM – Obiang/Nordtveit
    RWM – Antonio/Feghouli
    LWM – Snodgrass/Ayew
    AM – Lanzini/Ayew
    CF – Carroll/Sakho

    So based on this I think we need a right back and a striker (as our best two strikers are not the most reliable). There are a number of variables (how good is Masuaku, will Cullen, Oxford, Martinez, Browne be involved in the first team, will Adrian leave), but based on what we know now, it’s obvious, to me at least, where our priorities should be.
  • Do you want me to move over comments and close the January thread?
  • I think so, yes. ;ok
  • Sorry have to disagree about Tomkins, would not want him back..
    He is a ok defender but IMO that's it...I've watched many Palace games this season, he certainly hasn't impressed, albeit in a struggling team.
    While I was disappointed he left, I personally think it was a good decision...
  • I was disappointed when Tomkins left, but now he`s gone I would rather give either of the Reeces a go. OCS, you could put both Kouyate and Antonio as second/third choice in most of the positions.
    I hope the Daves don`t come out with any of this "marquee" nonsense this window. If we can hang on to our main players then 2--3 quality additions is all we would need. Good solid premier league players or the very best from the championship. And I would definitely not want Vardy at West Ham. I don`t know why, but I just don`t like him. Traore would be a very exciting signing. ;footie
  • As things stand, I would lose:

    Possibly masuaku

    And I would look to try and buy

    Will Hughes
    Robertson if hull get relegated
    A right back - we may need to pay over the odds, but maybe trippier
    A striker

    And start to involve Cullen and Oxford in the first team squad.
  • Madcap ;ok You could, but I don’t want players to have to fill in. Kouyate can do a job at centre back. Looks like he can do it at right back, too. But he’s at his best in centre midfield and that’s where I want to see him play. Same with Antonio; he can play at right back (but isn’t great there), and can play up front, but he’s most effective on the wing.

    I’ve had enough of making do.

    I want a right back.
  • Just been doing a bit of google research on full backs from the championship and both the Wolves fullbacks come highly rated. Matt Doherty and Dominic Iorfa. Both versatile as well by the sound of it and both a good age. My dad supports Wolves so I`ll have a word later. Apart from Adebayor I can`t think who would be available and in our price bracket to fill the vacant striker role.

  • We were linked with Iorfa, both in the summer and last month. Could be one to watch. I guess much depends on how Byram does in the coming months as to whether we look for a back up or a starting right back.
  • Wasn't sure where to put this, but ;clap
  • Team needs a huge clear out to be fair and then we need to add 3 Top Quality players in my opinion to push on.

    Could easily move on (including Loans currently) about 7 or 8 players which would free up a Significant amount in wages. With probably no Europe we wouldn't need a huge squad if we are bringing in a few youngsters at the same time.
  • "With probably no Europe" we will struggle to "add 3 Top Quality players".

    The reality is that when it comes to attracting players we are not in competition with Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U, Man City, Tottenham or Liverpool, we are in competition with Everton, Stoke, West Brom and possibly Newcastle if they get promoted.

    As for "easily move on (including Loans currently) about 7 or 8 players" we failed to "move on" Sakho in the summer so obviously its not that easy
  • If you have a good base then big things can happen with a few surprise signing, thinking Payet / Mahrez etc.

    Lacking these sort of surprises we can expect one maybe two places higher than where we at the moment based on transfers.

    The team in 6th spent 90m on one player.... Play another 60+M on 2 other players in the summer.
  • Yeold

    When you say "huge clearout" what do you mean? Personally, I feel it needs a tweak and not a lot else. If you're talking about clearing out some of the squad players and bringing in new first teamers then I agree, but I'm just confused by "huge".

    GK: Adrian, Randolph
    CD: Collins, Reid, Fonte, Ogbonna
    DR: Byram
    DL: Cresswell, Masuaku
    MC: Noble, Kouyate, Obiang, Fernandes, Nordtveit
    WG: Antonio, Snodgrass, Valencia, Feghouli
    AM: Lanzini, Ayew
    ST: Carroll, Sakho, Fletcher

    To me, there isn't a "huge" clearout required. I would want upgrades at DR, MC, WG & ST, but otherwise I can't see massive of change needed.
  • There is an argument that all of the summer signings could be moved on. Feghouli, Calleri, Arbeloa, Masuaku, Nordtveit, Fernandes...

    For me they've offered very little to the squad. I think Ayew will come good and we did spend £20m on him.

    Then you have Fletcher, who could do with a loan move. Adrian may be let go (even though we have an extension option).

    But to me all those summer buys are on trial. They aren't all kids. Nord and Feghouli are experienced pros.
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