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Burke off to play for Wigan in the Championship (loan)


  • edited August 2016
    Burke needs regular football, if he can't get it in our first team he needs to go out on loan.

    We have Ginge, Reid, Ogi and Oxford.
  • Burke on loan to Wigan confirmed
  • (Some comments moved here from the speculation thread, now it's not speculation any longer ;biggrin )
  • can he be recalled ,good luck to him .but Wigan ;doh
  • Shouldn't the title of this thread be modded? If he does doesn't do well can we look forward to a headline in the Wigan Evening Post And Chronicle "Burke Off Back To Play For West Ham".
  • ade

    I'd been hoping for

    The Great British Burke Off...
  • Maybe leaves us a little light but for him it's a no brainer

    He dominated league 1 so let's see if he can dominate the next level up

  • Does this mean Oxford will get more game time? If he sends the next 3 months sitting on the bench, he'll be off to a Moneydoesntspeakitswears club.
    Meanwhile, The Team That Martinez Built is a good move for Burke (now that Martinez has gone) Good luck, he's a class act (Burke, not Martinez)
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