Calleri Confirmed, and all that

Season-long loan.

Expected in London 'pretty soon' according to Slav, 'next week' according to the official press release.

He will become the sixth Argentine to play for West Ham after Lionel Scaloni, Javier Mascherano, Carlos Tevez, Mauro Zarate and current star Manuel Lanzini. (There'll be quiz later ;biggrin )



    “We signed Calleri. Unfortunately for him but good for us Argentina were knocked out of the Olympics on Wednesday, they didn’t pass the group stage so he should be here with us – not today, not tomorrow, but pretty soon, depending on work permit or whatever,” Bilic said on Thursday.
  • 'Or whatever'

    Slav ;lol
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    I know.

    Slav Bingo: blah blah blah / and all that /whatever /starting a sentence with Okay / big time.
  • What's all this? A football club's manager announcing signings at press conferences instead of the owner's son on Twitter?
  • ;lol

    If Slav were any more laid-back he'd be doing his press conferences in a hammock sipping sangria.
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    What's all this? A football club's manager announcing signings at press conferences instead of the owner's son on Twitter?

    Jack will be annoyed ;lol
  • Next season we hope to be playing in the Champions League. Or the Championship. Or whatever.
  • #champohype ;wahoo
  • Not excited about this loan, don't know much about him and his style other than what I've watched at the Olympics which wasn't impressive imo.

    Still holding out hope that we push the boat out on a bigger name striker to compliment AC.
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    Calamari and linguine

    Carrot and quinoa cake

    Moussaka for the Europa League games

    Thank you West Ham for sorting out my match day menus. Check online at the official site for recipes and ingredients.

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    The busy South American fixture list saw Calleri amass an impressive 53 appearances, 21 goals and eleven assists in a successful 18-month spell with Boca that saw him win the Primera Division and Copa Argentina double in late 2015.

    The exciting youngster joined Uruguayan club Deportivo Maldonado in January 2016 and was soon loaned to Brazilian giants Sao Paulo.

    Calleri spent six months in southern Brazil, scoring 16 goals in 30 appearances, including an impressive nine in 12 Copa Libertadores ties – the South American equivalent of the UEFA Champions League – as Sao Paulo reached the semi-finals.
    Doesn't sound too shabby. He'll be a bit of an unknown, obviously, but with him, Carroll, Ayew and Fletcher we have options for the four competitions.

    Not sure we'll look elsewhere now - I guess it all depends on whether Sakho stays or goes ;hmm
  • Sounds Souper ;thumbsup
  • Is it a loan with option to buy? ;hmm
  • Is it a loaf with optional butter? ;hmm
  • Doesn't mention anything about that, twist. So I assume not.

    But you never know. ;whome
  • Romaine10 said:

    Is it a loaf with optional butter? ;hmm

    Yes, if a Calleri controlled diet ;wahoo
  • Top Striker according to Slav , hope he is and can score some winning goals
    for us this season .
  • bazWHUusa said:

    Romaine10 said:

    Is it a loaf with optional butter? ;hmm

    Yes, if a Calleri controlled diet ;wahoo
    He shoots, he scores!

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    Just seen a goal for Boca where he scored a Rabona lob of the keeper..... ;clap
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    ;lol Shame he couldn't score from the shot before ;whistle

    Welcome, Jonathan. #bants ;scarf
  • Looked like a pass to the other forward ;run

    He gets a Brian Moore 'Ooh my word' and a Barry Davies 'Oh I say' for the Rabona!
  • We don't per se need someone to do the rabonas - we need someone to tuck away the straightforward chances - hopefully he can do that
  • I do I want calamari for dinner ;hmm
  • Suze, I went to Greece with a friend who thought it would be a good idea to try and speak Greek to the locals. We walked down the village street in the morning and she happily said Calamari to everyone she passed. I asked her why she was calling all the locals a squid and she replied she thought it meant good morning. ;lol
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    Full marks for effort. Good think she didn't try to discuss weddings with them ;nonono ;whome

    (One of those words where it is very similar to something else which is MUCH ruder!!)
  • Well of course she may well have mentioned Expats bridal wear emporium too ;biggrin
  • Giant

    Not too far off - kalimera (as I'm sure you know.)

    It's something I really like about transactions in Greece - they almost always end with some kind of good wishes, and so you get 'good day' 'good mid-day', 'good afternoon', 'good evening', and 'good night' depending on the time of day, as well as 'be good/well', 'good (luck) to you' and other local varieties.

    And pretty much any one you pass will offer you the ubiquitous 'yia sas'.
  • Mrs Grey, it's like pollo in Spanish. The Spanish butchers would crack up when the British would not pronounce the double L like a Y but say it as it's written. One way means chicken and the other means something rude. ;lol
  • Don't know anything bout him but been linked with a lot of clubs over the past few seasons and can't be any worse the Emenike who was pony

    So welcome
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