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First team breakthrough next season

Obviously we are in the market for new signings in the summer however is there any academy players that are ready to make the serious step up.

We look like we need a couple of full backs and a winger with Moses going.

Oxford is now a fixture anyone else good enough to join him??


  • Nope all need a season in the Champo imo.
  • Reece Burke having a very good season at Bradford. Could make the step up IMO
  • Agree that it sounds like Burke could make the step up, I don't think we'd give him enough game time though to keep the progression so I would be keen to give him a season loan at a high champ or low prem club. Most prem clubs aren't as well stocked as we are at cb so he could get in the team more easily at another club.

    I think Cullen, Dobson, Lee (not convinced he'll make it), Chambers and Samuelson need a full season at a champ club. I'm tempted to say Oxford too as I want him to get more game time.

    Borg should be sent to league 1 next season.
  • Shame there's no one ready then
    Sounds like the left back Hendrie is not up to it yet
  • Pards, if we had a squad of previous seasons, then I'd be more inclined to use a couple in the first team, but with our current squad they just won't get enough game time.

    Shame they're not ready yet, but they will be soon. All of the above have huge potential and if managed right could be big assets from 2017.
  • edited March 2016
    ;ok eski... and the last thing we want to do it put a players develpoment back by having him sat on the first team bench...
  • edited March 2016
    Lots of fantastic comments about Cullen and Burke on the Bradford forum in the last week. I thought I would share this one with you:

    Burke and Cullen have been a breath of fresh air this season.
    Their combined performances have been exceptional and a joy to watch.
    Both players are a credit to the West Ham youth set up.
    I am glad when the opportunity came along they chose to join Bradford on loan to display their obvious youthful footballing talents.
    Both players attitudes and work rate away from their parent club have been exemplary thus far.
    I think after their stay at our club the pair of them will go back down south and continue to build on their experiences gained whilst playing first team football with us.
    From what we have seen both players would appear to have a bright future ahead of them and hopefully they will go on to be household names in the world of football.
    Just a shame it won't be at Bradford.
  • ta for posting that, eski ;thumbsup

  • It's great hearing how well our kids are doing.
  • edited March 2016
    If they get Bradford promoted to the Champo maybe they could do a second stint in the champo with them on loan. Maybe even take Samuelson to, to have all 3 in the champo ;)

  • Bradford Fan #1
    I like Cullen but what does he do that Billy Knott can't? It's up to the latter to cut out the daft stuff and keep it simple if he has Evans alongside. Agree about Reid & Burke.

    Bradford Fan #2
    Err, kicks with both feet, almost 100% pass accuracy, reads the game superbly, tackles really well, usually doesn't give daft fouls away in dangerous areas, doesn't get caught in possession, doesn't play speculative Hollywood passes when a simple ball is more effective, keeps momentum going because he already knows where he'll pass it before he receives the ball, runs forward with ball when the opportunity arises, wins headers despite his diminutive size, orders old pros around like he's the captain not a 19 year old rookie. Need any other examples?
    I like Billy Knott and I think some of the stick he gets is unfair. But Cullen is in a different league altogether.
  • If Chambers can get some good game time somewhere, he could be important for us as back-up to Byram. It'll be tough for Burke because he'd be 6th choice CB though in a season or two, surely Collins will be fading.

    Samuelson might be able to break through though? We need a winger and am not sure a rookie would be any less inconsistent than Moses.
  • I think it all depends on where we actually end up at the end of the season. Any European competition and we WILL need depth in our squad and I'd reckon they are classified as homegrown AND don't count into the 25 man squad, since they are still young. That could open up space for bought quality whilst not sacrificing good options.
  • I think it all depends on where we actually end up at the end of the season.

    It certainly would be asking a huge amount of them to expect them to go from playing for Bradford City one season to playing in the Champions League the next.

  • Don't see why Ade. Real Madrid are just the Bradford of Spain.

    But they might be able to play Europa in the early stages.
  • But we can play them in 'easier' league or cup matches. Apart from that I would think that they could play against some of the lesser opposition, after all not every team in the CL is Barcelona, Munich or Madrid.
  • Outcast

    I don't think Samuelsen plays as a winger, does he?

    When I've seen him play he has been more like a Payet or Lanzini, a playmaker.
  • edited March 2016
    ;ok Grey. I'm not sure why I thought he was a winger, think the only time I saw him play was against that Romanian side and I'm sure he was playing out wide.

    I guess he could still take Moses' place because our playmakers and wingers have been kind of interchangeable, with both Lanzini and Payet playing wide.

    This says he can play both positions
  • He played both the tip of a diamond and wide right in that match. He played wide left for us in Europe. He is definitely more a Lanzini/Payet type, but like them he has had to play out wide. Not a 'winger' as such though.
  • edited March 2016
    Outcast ;ok

    Like eski says, a wide MF rather than a winger, I would say from the little I have seen of him.
  • Don't see why Ade. Real Madrid are just the Bradford of Spain.

    Is that the Bradford City or the Bradford Park Avenue?

  • Much appreciated vorselaar ;thumbsup
  • So will any youngster get a game in the PL this season anyone reckon ?
  • Hmmm doesn't look likely

    Burke still the most likely to get his shot but we need to terminate his loan which is a problem

    Samuelson struggled at Blackburn, think it's too soon this season for him, can't expect a 19 year old who's developing to come into a side lacking confidence and be a game changer, too much pressure

    Oxford has been injured, but you'd imagine that if he doesn't get loaned out he'll be around the first 18 as Slaven liked to bring him on when shutting down games last season (gotta be better than Nordtveit)

    Can argue that Fletcher is a youth player ( not ours I know) who has been thrusted into the 1st team

    In an ideal world I'd like to see Page or pike come in as wing backs so we can push Antonio further forward but like Samuelson it's a lot of pressure ebringing in youth players into struggling teams
  • Guess it depends on your definition of 'youngster'.

    As WHU-Champo points out Fletcher has got games at 21.

    Fernandes is only 20 and has already had several games.

    I suspect that if Oxford hadn't been injured we'd have seen him and that once he is back he will get games at some point.
  • Randy
    Oxford Reid Ogbonna
    Byram Fernandes Obiang Cresswell
    Lanzini Fletcher Payet

    Could very well be our starting XI next season. Browne and Quina have made the bench recently and Martinez looked good before his injury.

    Hopefulyl a few of these will break through in the next couple of years.
  • I'd be worried if that was our XI next season. ;puzzled
  • Lukerz ;ok

    Opposing teams would have field day down the right.
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