OS Confirms signing of Sam Byram (to be known from now on as Brian...)



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    Not quite sure why a guy who has been Leeds first choice RB for years would need U21 minutes. Bit insulting, IMO.

    He'll be in the squad tomorrow.

    Not ahead of Tomkins, Jenks or the Irish messi he won't
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    Or he could have a Reido and be set back for a while...
  • Grey,True,it is a hard one to call I think,but iam sure Slav will do the right thing. ;ok
  • For me, we are in the luxurious (at least for us) position of not being desperate for him to play.

    If he bowls Slav over in training, fair enough, but otherwise I think there is no harm in biding our time with him.
  • Apparently hes got a first in, last out attitude to training...
    When he gets his chance in the team he's going to be a revelation!
    Dancing around you feel the sweet sensation
    We might be lovers if the rhythm's right
    I hope this feeling never ends tonight
    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free
    At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
    I'm tired of dancing here all by myself
    Tonight I want to dance with someone else

    Sorry I went a bit off track there ;wahoo ;nonono
  • Congratulations Sam Byram AKA Brian ...for his 1st start being somewhat thrown in after a very early injury to CJ, I thought he did really well ;ok ;footie
  • Handled himself like he had been our RB all season.

    Cracking debut ;clap
  • Maybe he should have started ahead of Jenks ;hmm
  • I love the Payet introduction for joung Sam, a high floated pass from one side of the pitch to the over, which Sam controls and passes straight back...
  • vorse ;ok ;lol
  • Brian? Surely he would suit Mary B as a name. ;wink
  • gailplatt

    For our older viewers.... ( excellent debut and better to come! coyi )
  • Big hands up from me....I didn't want him starting because I wanted him eased in. Part of that was because I thought they'd start Sterling and have more pressure.

    But they didn't and he was fantastic, he looks the real deal.

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    Saw this online, after Sam's ( Brian ) ;doh !! Great debut..one for hamstew
  • Happy to be proved wrong by Slav and circumstance (the early substitution), I wanted him eased in as a big game like city could have destroyed the lad's confidence. Did well......very well yesterday
  • iron_pants

    Think that is what Slav intended:
    so we put young Sam in such a demanding game when he was not even supposed to be on the bench.

    “It gave him a chance to play and he played really well, if not excellently.
  • Good point Grey, we'll put it to fortunate circumstance then ;ok
  • I had to read that quote twice to work it out. That 'if not excellently' is a bit ambiguous, but I take it mean he was excellent, rather than he wasn't excellent.

    If you see what I mean. ;puzzled
  • That's how I took it Mrs G ;ok
  • I know what you mean but I think he meant it the other way. At least when I imagine how he would say it in his tone that makes everything he says sound cynical.
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    He was superb yesterday, better than Jenks has been all season, calm, good touch and good going forward as well as defending in short everything you want in a full back, only one game obviously but £3.5m or whatever he cost looks an absolute steal just a gutter that he's cup tied.
  • Rio Ferdinand

    "Makes me even more grateful that i was brought up at West Ham,where the fans & staff allowed for me to make mistakes while learning the game".
  • What makes him more grateful? What prompted his comment, suz?
  • The grief Stones was getting from the Everton fans.
  • Now he's getting nasty four letter responses ;doh
  • I wonder if he thinks Jenks is benefitting from that attitude? ;whistle
  • He hasn't said ;biggrin
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