Player of the season, so far (20 games).

Firstly, I apologise if this is being discussed elsewhere, but I couldn't see it.

I saw someone on twitter ask the question the other day and was surprised that the answers were as varied as they were. I thought a lot of twitterites would just say Payet, which imo isn't deserved as he's missed two months, no fault of his own.

Anyway, my pick is Tomkins. He has been consistent, versatile and very professional about being moved around. I think he's been a class act this season.

Look forward to hearing the thoughts of you all.


  • Adrian for me at the moment
  • eski, interesting that you rule out Payet as he has missed a bunch of games. (Not saying I disagree.) So it prompted me to think about who has played 15 or more games (ie 75%).

    Adrian +Tomkins (17)
    Cresswell, Kouyate, Noble (19)
  • Tomkins

    At CD and RB.
  • Goals:

    Payet 5
    Lanzini 4
    Carroll, Kouyate, Sakho, Zarate - 3 each
  • MrsGrey, I definitely do not want to understate my admiration for him, he is incredible. I just feel like someone who has made an impact over almost double the games probably deserves a (half) season award more.
  • MrsGrey, I definitely do not want to understate my admiration for him, he is incredible. I just feel like someone who has made an impact over almost double the games probably deserves a (half) season award more.

    but if he has made double the the impact over half the number of games doesn't that mean he is just as justified?
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    Perhaps, but can we measure impact that accurately? I think Tomkins has made a huge impact on our team this year so certainly not half that of Payet. Payet has only played 30 minutes of our longest unbeaten run of the season.
  • Tomkins for me too ;ok
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    Tomkins for me ...
    Has proved he's far more versatile than Carl and has in the whole been consistently good ;ok
  • payet!!!! lanzini signing of season
  • Tomkins.

    Followed by Payet, Lanzini and Nobes.
  • Going Collins, he's been a revelation in our back 4 this season, long may his excellent performances continue.

    Followed by Adrian, Payet and Lanzini.
  • Tomkins........but I've always gone for him as player of the season ever since he made his debut ;lol ;lol ;lol ;lol ;lol

  • some people on here wearnt convinced about lanzini
  • True Cuz but to be fair he was an unknown ;ok
  • Tomkins is a good shout and I understand why he is being lauded here, but I feel that it has to go to Payet , he has brought so much to team, creates space for us to move by attracting opponents, beats people, scores and provides assists giving the team a lift in confidence that I feel that the man of the season award thus far, simply has to go to him.

    He has been with us for how long now? and he already has his own song!!!

  • Chicago, do you not think that it's unfair to those who have played for two months without him? Kept us unbeaten and in the top 6. He has instilled some huge confidence into the side and is obviously our best player, but over the 20 league games so far and cup games (Tomkins was the only senior player to feature in the majority of Europe remember) has he been around enough to justify being more important than others who have featured more?

    I'm excited at the prospect of him coming back and if he plays from now til the end of the season, then yes, he can be back in contention as he'll have played over 75% of games, but right now, playing only 50% of games? Not enough for me, it's disrespectful to the other players.
  • cuz said:

    some people on here wearnt convinced about lanzini

    I was more unconvinced given the Dave's record of random, out of the blue, signings. I didn't realise at the time he was a Bilic signing. And, once I saw him play, I thought he looked like the new Joe Cole.
  • Just my opinion people but the HOTY award should go to the player who has contributed the most when he does play,not when he don,t play through injuries or suspensions or anything else,so for me PAYET has contributed the most with his goals and assists and don,t forget about all the chances he has created aswell in open play,he,s all round play has been exceptional and works hard for the team in getting back and defending aswell.
  • lukerz, wasnt a dig at you shud have been more specifc i wasn either mate sorry
  • gotta be payet so far and tompkins a close second, but everything can change in the second half, it might be carroll by the end, who knows?
  • Payet's been a game changer since he's joined so it has got to be him. Tomkins has been a revelation in a new role so he'd be next on the list.
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