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A thread to discuss Recent TV Programmes/Series + Films you have seen?


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  • Have put in misc, Twist. ;ok
  • Am about to start Breaking Bad season 1. See if it lives up to the hype. ;ok
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    Breaking bad is great. Just give it time Luke. Walking dead is my favourite TV show.
  • Good shout Twist. We watch a lot of films, and if you like Zombie films two that I can highly recommend are: Warm Bodies, a great twist on the Zombie genre, funny and poignant with great performances and not too much graphic gore. And for an edge of your seat, white knuckle ride (when did I actually breathe last type film) that has staggering effects, World War Z.

    Have watched all the Spidey movies recently as well, the Toby Maguire ones and the new ones, very entertaining. And tonight (my sons choice) we are watching part three of Jurassic Park (parts one and two watched earlier in the week). A good film, a slice or two of Pizza, a bag of Pick & Mix, a bowl of Popcorn and all washed down with a pint or three..................................lovely jubbly..... ;beer ;pizza
  • Zombies ;bowdown
    Zombieland is a good funny one.
  • How is your apocolypse planning coming along Hamsterz?

    I watched World War Z a couple of months ago.

    A different twist on the theme. ;ok
  • ;ok

    Quite liked The Crazies, as far as Zombie films go.
  • Am about to start Breaking Bad season 1. See if it lives up to the hype. ;ok
    Breaking Bad - brilliant. Got hooked after one episode and am halfway through season 3 now. Bryan Cranston is superb.
    Tv Series? Try Spooks, The Office, Band of Brothers
    Films? Try: Kes, Road To Perdition, Shawshank Redemption, Leon, Saving Private Ryan amongst many great films I can't remember right now.
  • Recently watched the first series of The Blacklist, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After the first few episodes I wondered if it would get in a rut, but it really developed the overall story arc. James Spader must think he has died and gone to Hammy Heaven, as they let him have a lot of fun with his character.

    Also just finished the first series of Justified, which I really liked, and which has a fantastic soundtrack.

    (I like detective/crime/blow 'em up stuff in case you hadn't noticed...)
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    Hants ;ok

    Just finished Hannibal and True Detective. Both up there with my favourite shows of all time.
  • How is your apocolypse planning coming along Hamsterz?

    I watched World War Z a couple of months ago.

    A different twist on the theme. ;ok
    Going OK cheers col. Still waiting and am as prepared as ever. I don't think my family is taking it seriously though ;hmm
  • ;lol

    Watched Fargo the other month and there was an episode when this guy tried to sell Billy Bob Thornton's character a Zombie defence kit and I just thought of Hamsterz. ;lol
  • ;lol

    But seriously there is nothing funny about an impending zombie Apocalypse Luke ;puzzled
  • Grey, we agree on something! *** shock *** ;whistle

    The Blacklist was a great series, 2nd season starting next month I believe ;ok
  • Homeland, first 2 seasons, brilliant. Disappointed with the 3rd ;whome
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    Twist - loved Homeland season 1. Would give it a 9/10.

    Season 2 was still great, but would call it great as opposed to 'brilliant'. 8/10.

    Season 3 seemed to be a bit of a let down, but I think they had to do it just for the finale (no spoilers in case somebody has to see it). 7/10.

    Season 4 out soon, I believe. See if a refreshed plot gives it a boost. ;ok
  • The only way is Essex is also a great show.
  • Twist

    2nd series starts on 22nd Sept in the US.
  • Future beano
  • If you can find a copy on DVD, Steve McQueens last film called Hunter is excellent.
  • Veep - its written by Armando Ianucci - brilliant!
  • The Big Lebowski is one of my fave films. Breaking bad whole series was class. I have a secret love for cell block H. Used to stay up very late on school nights and watch it and loving the modern series on c5. Enjoyed Utopia on c4 last year. Have series 2 still to watch.
  • The first series of prison break is good.
  • Cheers Grey ;ok
  • My pet subject, well almost. Even though forcibly retired I dont have time to watch them all, I`ll just list mini series for now, and just to say "Zulu" is may all time fav film.
    1. "V" remake I liked, sadly no 3rd series 7/10
    2. The Event stopped after one series 8/10
    3. Ripper Street, luv , just how I used to Police!! 3rd series soon 9/10
    4. Continuum, utter tosh but love it 8/10 awaiting 3rd season
    5. Walking dead...sometimes great, sometimes tediuos, too much moralising 6/10
    6.Strike Back, great action...not Bodie and Doyle but more violent
    7. The Tudors, I found it absorbing having done H8 for A level 8/10
    8. Banshee, more sex than a porn film, terrible storyline but unmissable 7/10
    9. Ray Donovan second series, superb 10/10
    10. Falling skies - sci fi hokum, but watchable 7/10
    11. Revolution - ended after 2 series, utter nonsense, but ha some appeal 6/10

    Enough for now, dinner gong sounding
  • Was late to The Walking Dead so watched the first four series over the course of a month. Brilliant television.

    Daryl Dixon ;bowdown
  • I just couldn't get on with Breaking Bad.

  • Band of Brothers ;bowdown

    Back to the future trilogy.

    Home Alone 1 and 2.


    Many war films.

  • True Detetive.... very good.
  • True Detetive.... very good.
    One of the best if not THE

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