West Ham v Bradford (spoiler the 5-4 game) full game as live on OS You Tube today


  • I watched this last night. Was so much fun.
  • I see that there were 2 Rio's in the line up at the start. Didn't know cloning existed back then. :biggrin:

  • it is on the OS You Tube channel now.
  • That was such an emotional game, Steven Bywater ran on at aged just 16 for his debut and you could see his heart jumping out of his chest, his vulnerability showed however and the passion that the team displayed in ensuring that we simply scored more than them was palpable.

    Really great game to experience but I do not think that young Bywater really recovered, he did have a decent stint at Derby a few years later but I bet this game knocked him back a bit confidence wise.

    The one thing I remember was Rio and many of the team surrounding Bywater at the end.
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