Charlton Athletic

So a good friend of mine is a season ticket holder there. If the stories are true from what he is telling me then Amazon Prime would make an absolute killing doing a TV series following them.

- Chairman has not passed the fit and proper owner test
- Club say the major shareholder had resigned, Major Shareholder says no but he is not putting any more money until the chairman goes.
- Apparently the Chairman had spent their transfer budget on ("women and land rovers)"
- A whistle blower inside the club got hold of all the clubs financial documents and leaked it.
- The old owner of Charlton still owns the training ground and stadium so if the new owner walks there would be no assets to buy.
- The shareholder revealed the chairman's private home address to the public which was supposedly paid for by club funds and so is claiming its owned by the club and by extension the shareholder.
- Staff literally by force tried to throw the Chairman out the club which resulted in the police being called in.


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    Matt Southall (current chairman) and East Street Investments passed the "fit and proper owners" test before they were allowed to buy Charlton on 2nd January...

    ...but he worked for Kia Joorabchian for 4 years after leaving university which doesn't inspire confidence.
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