Other games this weekend ......... 7th March

Did we really start the downfall of the scouse :puzzled:


  • No, Atletico Madrid take the credit for that but they were looking a but suspect against Norwich
  • Could be there twisted little plan to send us down ,getting beat by teams around us :whistle:
  • 2-1 Liverpool

    Boy we could do with them winning by 4 or 5
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    Palace 1-0 up against Watford
    Southampton down to then men against Newcastle.

    Sheffield Utd 1-0 up against Norwich.
  • Powell scored twice for burton Albion
  • Unlucky against Arsenal but results have gone our way this weekend

    Just hope Leicester buck their ideas up and smash Villa
  • Laugh? I did .. at Man Us 2nd goal.
  • What a great player Harvey Barnes is
  • Harsh on Villa, not a penalty imo.
  • Leicester 2-0 up now, I don't like seeing them win, but we need Villa to lose more.
  • 3-0, helping our goal difference now
  • Looking at their fixtures it's hard to see where they will get any points from. Maybe us but they could be toast by then. Makes me feel a bit better about our chances. May only need to finish above one other team
  • I think that other team will need to be Bournemouth
  • I've got Norwich, Villa and Brighton to go down atm, with Watford and Bournemouth separated by goal difference a point ahead of Brighton.
  • I'd laugh my socks off if Brighton went down. Nothing really against the team just quite an annoying fan base down my way.
  • Ham, Brighton for me too. I'm really sick of Glenn Murray :biggrin:
  • When I have kids I am going to make them support an even worse club so I can lord it over them :coyi:
  • alderz said:

    When I have kids I am going to make them support an even worse club so I can lord it over them :coyi:

    Quite a limited field, to be fair...
  • As I was explaining at work the the local spud and gunner, we don't need to be good this year, just less bad than 3 others. I also pointed out I would love mid table mediocrity like their teams and we have won the same amount of champion league trophies as them :)
  • whupathtoenlightenment
  • and no champions league final for spurs to lose this year, happy happy joy joy
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