Other games this weekend 22nd and 23rd

To discuss here instead of the VAR thread :ok:


  • Not a bad set of results for us.
  • With both Watford and Norwich playing away on Sunday, Brighton were the only team out of the bottom six to pick up a point today.
  • So, 3 points on Monday and we're out of the bottom three :biggrin:
  • Citeh v Leicester

    Citeh’s goal keeper had pollaxed Iheneanacho.

    I think it’s a pen.
  • edited February 22
    I think he got ball and head at the same time...

    But haven't seen the replay.
  • He ‘just’ got to the ball but he proper punched him.

    There was a KDB hand ball too.
  • So if it's ok to stamp on an opponents leg three feet or so from the ball then what could possibly be wrong with punching someone on the head? :hmm:
  • That Aguero pen was rather poor.
  • Last week I cheered a spurs goal ,Today I cheered a man utd goal ,what is the world coming to :puzzled:
  • steve, it's called desperate times! :weep:
  • So just one team in the bottom six getting a point this weekend, now let’s go get 3 points against the “Pool”.
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