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According to the minutes of the London Stadium Safety Advisory Group we want to expand the capacity from 60,000 to 62,500 next season. website says our rent (currently £3.4m per annum) will go up £83k, £33 per seat

Also from the minutes it seems that some away fans (Norwich, Man U) were found to be in possession of Class A drugs. I suppose watching Man U on LSD might make things easier...


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    Sorry not sure where to put this but if anyone is planning on going to the Liverpool game as they are on general sale you might want to be careful where you sit. Seems like loads of Liverpool fans are buying tickets I think near the away end.
  • Ham. Tickets went on general sale for the Liverpool game this morning and I was onto the site immediately as I wanted two extra tickets for West Ham friends. There were only a small number of seats available, mostly singles it the top rows scattered around the stadium. If I can't do it I don't see how "loads of Liverpool fans" are buying tickets near the away end.
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    Just what it says on twitter from Liverpool fans. Also a mate of mine has got one he said it's all over their forums that they are snapping them up. I'm just warning people :ok:

    Just an example

  • Up until 11.00 a.m. this morning they were only available to claret members. I was on at 11.00 and there were very few seats available, maybe 40 scattered around. I managed to get two together but most were singles. I can see that some Liverpool fans may have got a few but can't see how it can be much more than a couple of dozen. I'm sure Liverpool's away allocation would have sold many times over.
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    Who knows as I say just letting people know in case they didn't want to sit amongst loads or even a few Liverpool fans. My friend got 2 tickets at about 2pm. £65 each.
  • No way of knowing where they may be sitting, so lets hope we can be one of the few who at least take a point off them this season. I wonder if Baz will be sneeking over :hmm:
  • Sorry he got his when they went on sale. He said there were a few left at lunchtime.
  • Whitehorse. You might be able to get some tickets for your mates soon :lol:
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