Hammers ⚒ v Man City - “AND IT’S LIVE”

So here it is folks.

After feeling flattered that OCS remembered that I ended the season so promisingly, I have taken the responsibility of getting my match thread duties done & dusted.

So, what do we think? Line-up & perditions (predictions :wink:).

Fredericks - Balbuena - Diop - Cresswell
Rice - Wilshere
Anderson - Lanzini - Fornals

I would go with Masuaku, but Cresswell seems the further ahead in fitness terms.

Gonna take a monumental effort to keep this close. Can see one of those really entertaining games that end 2-4.

Let’s hope we can take positives from the match & move on to the more winnable games after.

A draw would be brilliant. A lot depends on Fab.


  • Lukerz said:

    So, what do we think? Line-up & perditions.

    I'm not expecting a win but I think perdition is a bit harsh.

    What's wrong with Loss?
  • A high scoring away win, with them getting one or two more than us.
  • If we are up for it we might edge it 2-1....would have Fab inbetween the posts, but wondering if he will be fit,, defence Johnson Bilbueano, Reid, Cresswell, Rice Noble (if out Fornals), Wiltshere, Lanzini, Antonio, Yamo.....
  • So Iron you’d leave out our three biggest signings
  • I’m gonna say 2-2. Lanzini and Haller with our goals.
  • 4-1 away win.

    Then we'll talk about having an easier set of games to get our season going.

    Well drop points in those and then we'll talk about who we need to sign in January to avoid a relegation battle.
  • See City havent dropped off at all

    Even without Aguero, Laporte, Fernandinho and Mahrez they are dealing with Liverpool pretty comfortably
  • Epic loss then move on
  • What odds do you think I would get for a 0-0?
  • 4-1 away win......Hope I'm well wrong though.
  • The good news is that Citeh showed today that if you get the ball in their final third, they are vulnerable. The bad news is, they don't give you the ball in their final third very often during a game...
  • The good news is that Citeh showed today that if you get the ball in their final third, they are vulnerable. The bad news is, they don't give you the ball in their final third very often during a game...

    But surely it’s up to us to take the ball into their final third, we’re not expecting them to give it to us, nor should any team
  • Why not. We give it to the opposition all the time.
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    I am pleased we have this match first for a number of reasons. There is the outside chance that City will not quite hit stride so early and we could pinch something, but even if not it will provide a full premiership match to bring us up to pace for the next game which will really matter. In effect a game which played at anytime during the season would be unlikely to provide points can serve as a final full speed pre-season match.

    I will be happy if we can compete, cause them some trouble and show we will be able to make our mark on the majority of other teams.
  • I like your thinking claret. If we put in a performance of some kind and avoid a thrashing I will be happy. I'm going 3-1 to City
  • Assuming Fredericks & Masuaku are fit enough to start, I'd like to see:

    -------------- Fab --------------
    Fredericks - Diop - Balbuena - Masuaku
    ------- Rice ------ Wilshere ------
    - Anderson -- Fornals -- Lanzini ----
    ------------- Haller --------------

    With Johnson likely to come on for one of our full backs if they can't play the full 90 mins and use Antonio as an impact sub. No matter how good your opposition, sometimes sheer strength and power is hard to stop. If Noble is fully fit (which seems very unlikely), I would've brought him in as he makes our team bit more balanced; we still have plenty of attacking threat but he gives us more reassurance and composure on the ball from a deeper area and more stability in midfield. With him in a deeper role, we'll have less of a gap between our attacking midfielders and our defence.

    Judging by their performance against Liverpool today, if we put pressure on their defence we do have a bit of a chance. Also we may have some luck with balls into the box and Haller's physical presence. On that note, I liked Yarmo's brief sub appearance against Hertha as he became less predictable. He's got a reputation for cutting inside but he was getting some good balls into the box against them as both Haller and Antonio were getting in the box and both are great in the air.

    I hate to say it but I'm predicting a 5-1 loss.
  • DJ

    What I was trying to say was that they don't give up the ball very easily. Getting into their final third with the ball rather depends on getting hold of it...
  • I agree with the selection of welovethehammers. Fornals will play more central than in Lukerz's team. A lot depends on Wilshire really helping Rice out and not being caught out too high up the pitch. Going for 2-2, which will feel like a win for the mighty Hammers.
  • So Iron you’d leave out our three biggest signings

    I picked a team I believe would do well, cant pick everyone, and we all have different views, which is what makes our game exciting..
  • With all the talent ahead of him, I wonder if Wilshere will actually be well suited to a slightly deeper role than perhaps he is generally seen in. Someone that bit deeper but with the ability to keep possession and not just panic and hoof it out or forward.

    He can carry it himself and then play the ball as and when the best opportunity arises. I'm not saying Noble doesn't try to do this (and he does sometimes play great, defense splitting passes), but I feel Wilshere has a bit more composure and, as all good players seem to, has the ability to create a bit of time on the ball.

    I've not seen too much pre-season stuff, where has Jack generally been playing? Has he been in behind the CF, so competeing with Lanzini/Fornals, or has he played deeper at all?
  • Mike Dean is in charge. That bodes well.......
  • Mike 'Spurs' Dean? What could possibly go wrong
  • Dean of Penalty awards...how many this match and guess who for?
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    I know i'm gonna be in a minority here, but Mike Dean is my favorite ref!
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    Dean will love VAR.

    This is a 12:30 kick off, plan to have this game still running when the 5:30 fixture kick off :lol:
  • Beeb article here is quite informative:


    They expect refs and VAR officials to be in an 'ongoing dialogue', with the ref explaining what/why he's given something, and VAR only intervening if they have seen something different.
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    I remember Wilshire played in a deeper role for England before his injury. He played well in this position and if I remember correctly scored a couple of great long range goals.

    Put him next to Rice against City and it could work.
  • Really really hope Fabianski is fit in time for this game!
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