The Ashes

As Jerusalem is sang at Headingley, we are minutes away from the beginning of one of the greatest sporting competitons of all time.

For Ham's expense, we can discuss it all here


  • No Mitchel Starc for this one.

    Strange, but welcome, decision by the Aussies
  • Warner gone early, lbw to Broad. Aussies 2-1 :wahoo:
  • 17-2.

    As Smith comes in

    :quaver: He's gonna cry in a minute :biggrin:
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    Australia channelling their inner England this morning. 35-3 :wahoo:
  • Smith and Siddle are becoming annoying...we need a bit of magic to dislodge one...I predicted they would only get 203, they on 197 now...
  • That could be a match-winning partnership. 122-8 when Siddle came in and now England will be under some pressure when they bat.

    If we have to face half a dozen overs tonight I can see us being at least two down by stumps.
  • Play due to go on till 6.22pm.....with 10 mins between innings could only be about 3 overs
  • Evens first day
  • at 122-8 bad score but I would take that before a ball was bowled, why did they pick Jimmy though
  • Because he was passed as fit.
  • I still think it was a risk, given he's not played any cricket for the last three or four weeks.

    I can understand why he was picked, and hindsight is always 20-20, but it does look like a big mistake that could have cost us the game.
  • No one will say no to Anderson.
  • Roy gone.

    And so it begins...
  • Barmy Army chanting:
    "Same old Aussies, always whingeing"

  • Not only do the crowd do fancy dress they are now doing re-enactments. There's a guy dressed up as the football world cup trophy being chased around the stand by 11 guys in Englands 1966 kit. Amazing.

    Oh! The cricket is going quite well too.
  • That was class from the fans.

  • Smith has just got his second 100 of this test.
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    Ali was absolutely useless in the World Cup, and has carried that form into this series.

    This game has already gone, arguably lost on the first day when we let them off the hook when we had them 122-8. They'll comfortably get a lead of 250+ now and we'll fold in the way that's become synonymous with England.
  • England having serious trouble in taking any wickets.

    New ball available but not being taken.
  • Smith will get over 800 runs in this series. Nobody seems able to get him out.
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    I don’t think these ausies are actually ausies! Ausies would have declared by now.
  • Nah, they're being ruthless. Making sure the lead is too much for England to even have a chance of getting, then it's maximum pressure for us to survive.

    Which we won't, obvs.
  • Ruthless would be to make us bat for an hour tonight.
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    Half an hour is about right. Not enough time for either opener to settle, but plenty to get them out.

    Two down by stumps I reckon.
  • OCS, How I admire your optimism :hmm:
  • I thought they both did well.

    Go again in the morning. Bat clever and hope for rain.
  • Yep, sensible batting from Roy and Burns.

    Obviously need a big contribution from a couple of players; hopefully they'll step up.
  • Wow. People do seem to be forgetting a couple of things. Smith is the current best batsman of modern times and, by stats, the second best of all time. Also the best swing bowler of modern times managed 4 overs in the entire match leaving a huge workload on the remaining bowlers.
  • Just shows you how weak we are in the bowling department, Anderson was a huge miss....Archer should be back next match, but Wood is doubtful...who else is there?
  • Yep, sensible batting from Roy and Burns.

    Obviously need a big contribution from a couple of players; hopefully they'll step up.

    It's not just the big contribution from a couple of players, it's the others not giving their wickets away cheaply to undo the good work.
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