• Great signing.

    Even though we scored a fair amount of goals last season, we never had a striker consistently playing and consistently scoring.

    With Anderson, Yarmo, Fornals, Lanzini and (hopefully) Wilshere creating chances, I think there's a lot to be excited about.
  • Excellent, welcome Sebastion!
  • Excellent...

    Watching videos he his a particular strength to bring other people into play, should bode well with the AM's he will have around him.
  • The deal for Haller means the Hammers have broken their transfer record for a third time in a little over a year following the captures of Issa Diop and Felipe Anderson.

    Read more at https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2019/july/17-july/hammers-make-haller-their-record-signing#8OgAGsSXVqv6DzhW.99
  • Great signing

    A player most journos are saying we are lucky to get him given how good he is

    Seeks perfect for the lone striker role which Pellegrini seems to prefer
  • Well done to the board and Husillos / Pellers :clap:
  • Gosh, Sully has delivered big time. To deliver a player of this quality so soon after the disappointing end to the long running Gomez saga is simply outstanding
  • Looks to be a genuinely quality signing. From what I've read, he seems to combine the qualities of Arnie and :ac:

    He's the sort of player other clubs' fans will wish they'd got, imo.

    Very well done to the club for getting it over the line.
  • That's background is the colour of my billiard room!
  • look away now Haller
  • Looks absolutely perfect for us, must be a catch somewhere!
  • pathman

    If he'd been watching this, he'd be thinking he'd have got a couple, the way we went forwards.
  • edited July 2019
    I was adamant that we wouldn't get a big name forward, so I'm very pleased that this one is over the line. I had seen Haller in a couple of Bundesliga games last season and thought he was decent, but haven't been aware of his stats until he was linked with us. They look very good and it looks like we have an excellent player on our hands.

    Well done to Pellegrini, Husillios and Sullivan for getting this done :clap:
  • Hallerlujah
  • Again, I can't claim to have seen much of German football or seen Haller play, so can't exactly rejoice that we have signed the next big name forward to score 20 goals, but he comes with a very good reputation from various 'experts' in his home country & in this country. A great goal-scoring record & a fee of £45m would suggest he's got something about him.

    Arnie who?
  • Shown on Sky, his watching the City game. He’s either thinking I’ll definitely score goals with the chances they create or I’ll need to score 3 per game to give us a chance the way they defend.
  • The mythical 20 goal a season player would not be affordable to West Ham. If Haller can score his 12-15 goals along with 8-10 assists, much as he did this season, then it will be money well spent. If he does score 20 then we have a £65-70m player on our hands.
  • If he does score 20 then we have a £65-70m player on our hands.
    Not for long. ;)
  • I agree Ace but at least we will benefit from it.
  • Tweet from Ian Bishop in response to Haller tweet

    Love the club, love the shirt, give your all. treat the fans with the respect they deserve and they will take you to their hearts. You will not have known anything like it. Become their hero ⚒
    grey_til_I_dyeDodger58Ace of ClubsHamstewBertQuigleywhupathmanHammerwombatheathrowhammerianbishoplegend
  • Welcome to our great club Mr Haller even though your namesake upset me when he scored the first goal in 1966 World cup final.
  • Welcome sir I hope you have a injury free season for us
  • Excited by this. Welcome Haller.
    Hope you're a heller for the opposition.
  • Delighted. Think he'll prosper in the Prem, maybe more than Gomez would have. A cf to finish the slick moves, at last!
  • In my FF teams I have always had three hammers in my team, in truth I know in my heart that I am handicapping myself, but not this year.....

    I am expecting to have strong iron clad spine in my team this year.

    Welcome Haller to West Ham Utd and of course the icing on the cake, my FF team.

  • Can't wait to see how much he'll cost :biggrin:
  • Maybe bring them in after the first game though!
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