Premier League Fixtures 2019/20 season

So the fixtures are released this Thursday.

From memory over the last 5 or so season's I'm pretty sure we've had Spurs, Arsenal, Man City, Man United and Liverpool (correct me if I am wrong)

Who do people think we will get and who do people want to get for our first game.

For me it will be Chelsea away but would like a low key home game like a Burnley or a Southampton.



  • Can we have a winnable home game on day 1....please
  • Beating Chelsea to start the season will be good
  • Ooh. I'd be delighted with a home game against Palace.
  • Dont mind one of the big 6 at home get them when there still feeling there way :scarf:
  • :hmm:
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    I know this happens every year, but...

  • We've been away for the first and last games of almost every season I can remember. Give us a break, computer programmer/man u supporter!
  • But the televised games aren't announced until next month :puzzled:
  • It’s a fake as BT announced recently that they would be screening all Saturday 12:30 kick-offs this season, swapping from their usual 17:30 slot.
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    From the BT website June last year
    BT Sport will continue to broadcast games at 5.30pm on Saturdays next season and then move to Saturday lunchtime fixtures and the midweek rounds from August 2019
  • Did I read somewhere that there are also going to be later games on a Saturday? Like 7:45 pm or something?
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    Package C – won by Sky
    24 matches on Sundays at 14:00 and eight matches on Saturdays at 19:45
    Let's hope Sky show some sense and make the 7:45pm games derbies

    Did anyone else notice this bit...
    Package F - won by Amazon.
    10 matches from one Bank Holiday and all 10 from the Boxing Day fixture programme
    So no football down the pub on Boxing Day or one of the Bank Holidays unless they've got Amazon Prime.

    I'd better have a word with the landlady down the William 4th.
  • The total TV money the next three years is £8.3b, up from £5.5b previously. That's a 50% rise and would mean if we do the same as last season our share would rise from £119m to £151m.

    Oh look, is that an extra £30m? :whistle:
  • Burnley away. Give 'em a shellacking.
  • So it's Chelsea we had first game a few season back and not Man City. In that case it will 100% be City that we get.
  • If it’s City then that is a joke.

    I reckon it’s Burnley.
  • If it's City then we need to lodge an official complaint with the FA. We know the fixtures are rigged to keep the 'Big 6' apart on the first and last games and we know that we are likely to always be away on Boxing Day (as we are again this time round), but if we get the sixth of the Big 6 in a row first game up then I'll be fuming.

    Actually, for the mathematicians amongst us, what are the odds on the same team getting one of the Big 6 six years in a row? :hmm:
  • I don't think you can calculate the odds, because it's not a random draw.
  • If it's City then we need to lodge an official complaint with the FA.

    Personally, it doesn't bother me. We've got to play them all twice. I don't care that much about what order we do it in. :ok:
  • While we are waiting How the fixture lists are compiled. Dealing with the festive fixtures How festivals and other events can impact on fixture scheduling.

    I found it quite interesting. :hmm:
  • Spuds away so we can be the first to win there this season :biggrin:
  • It does matter to an extent. We don’t want to be facing being winless after 4 or 5 games and then to be saying “but for our start we’d have been x places higher, etc etc” at the end of the season

    A solid start can help us settle and build confidence and momentum

    That’s not to say we will necessarily beat Burnley at home or that we would lose away v City, however it is more likely than not that either of these would happen

    It took us a lot of time to rebuild confidence after our Anfield experience last season
  • Don't think it was confidence so much as playing style and personnel that took the time.
  • Baracks :ok: Our last two seasons have begun with 4-0 hammerings. That can't be a good way to start a season. If we were to get, for arguments sake, Brighton at home and got ourselves a 4-0 win, our confidence going into the following games would obviously be a lot higher
  • Ex has just tweeted it's City at home
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    Oh get lost.

  • Acording to Ex, not sure if he is serious.

    Inevitably we kick off the season at home to the champions City(the only big team left to face on opening day) followed by away days at Brighton and Watford,a home game v Norwich and then away with Villa. We have Spurs (H) on 23rd November and (A) on 21st March. Shef U(H) 26/10
  • Just looking at the BBC coverage, and note that there's a mid-season (February) break built in this year.
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    Jesus why didnt I put money on it
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