• Two year deal, with an option of a third.

    So I assume Nathan Trott is definitely going out on loan.
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    Well if Nathan Trott is deemed ‘the future’ by the club, it’s certainly not yet.

    So three keepers; 34, 33 & 33.

    Sorted for the next 24 months.

    I suppose the hope would be that we get other positions sorted this summer with the budget, then possibly be prepared to sign a younger goalkeeper in a couple of years time, when we may also bring Trott back into the frame assuming he hasn’t been sold.

    Edit - this from the club site

    Martin and Roberto’s arrivals will pave the way for Nathan Trott to gain some valuable experience of first-team football on loan during 2019/20, as well as give the Academy goalkeepers the chance to develop alongside the aforementioned duo and Lukasz Fabianski.

    So the club certainly expect that to be the case.
  • Wasn’t Martin the keeper who managed to knock his own side out of the FA Cup against Brighton with an absolute howler.
  • I wonder if Adrian would have stayed on a reduced salary or has he been offered similar somewhere else.
    I don't know what the salaries are for the 2 new players but as they are both older than Adrian, what was the point in letting him go, at least we knew what he provided. :hmm:
  • Yes. Yes he was.
  • Apparently these two combined are on less salary than Adrian.
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    Martin was playing for Millwall last season, MK Dons before that.

    You'd assume he knows he is going to start very few games, is probably amazed he has the opportunity to sign for West Ham & has probably accepted a very low wage as a result, which was probably still vastly higher than his previous earnings. Would not surprise me if he was on around £15,000.
  • Adrian left as he wants to play. Not sure how offering to pay him less would work as any kind of inducement... ;hmm
  • Interesting read, MrsG :ok:

    You would think, if you had any interest in going into coaching, a year or two as a third choice would be hugely beneficial.
  • 3rd choice goalie is literally a free pay packet.
  • Strange one, isn't it. I mean, you assume that professional footballers want to play football - hence Adrian's decision to leave - but at 33 and contracted potentially until 2022, this is arguably Martin's last contract at any decent level and he's joined knowing he's unlikely to ever play a game.

    I guess ultimately it's a job and he's probably getting the best wage he's ever had, but in terms of career ambition, it's a bit limiting. I'd have thought being No1, even in League 1, would be more rewarding in footballing terms than third choice in the PL.
  • 3rd choice goalie is literally a free pay packet.

    I don't know. If you want to do it professionally and be ready if you get an opportunity you could view it as a lot of work for the team without the reward of playing much.
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